What Is Earn Easy Commissions – Review

You’re reading this Earn Easy Commissions review because you want to know the what Earn Easy Commissions is.

And the truth is that it is a business opportunity offering members a way to earn multiple streams of income.

This is a program where there isn’t some long-winded tutorial about creating a blog and how to post on a blog. You don’t even have to blog unless you want to.

You don’t need to learn how to set up a website, an autoresponder or lead capture page, or email marketing.

No! As Chuck (Chuck, One of the Earn Easy Commissions founders) says, you only have one job, and that is to share your link. Everything is done for you.

Is Earn Easy Commissions Legit?

Before investing time or money into business opportunities like Earn Easy Commissions, the question that people will want to know the answer to is, is Earn Easy Commissions legit?

And the answer is, yes it is. Like many business platforms on the internet, Earn Easy Commissions encourages a community culture. They encourage members to share their success with other members.

In the video training, Chuck shows us proof of earnings of Earn Easy Commissions members. You can Google, Earn Easy Commissions proof and see PayPal pay receipts that other members have shared on the Internet.

Meaning for Earn Easy Commissions to be legit, they need to be conducting business and paying their members sales commissions.

The Founders of Earn Easy Commissions

Earn Easy Commissions is owned by Chuck and his business partner Andy. They are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. But it is a worldwide platform.

What Is Earn Easy Commissions

Earn Easy Commissions is a very lucrative business opportunity that gives its members multiple streams of income. Many affiliate programs pay small affiliate commissions.

These can range from $1 to $50. But Earn Easy Commissions pays you one, to refer members, and then for upgraded memberships. The first membership level is the Free Membership.

Free members can earn a $20 commission for a Pro membership upgrade and $10 on a second-tier membership. A Pro member(the next membership level) receives $100 per Pro Member upgrade and $50 in second tier commissions.

The next level and highest level, VIP partner earns the same commissions as a Pro member but they earn 100% commissions on a VIP Partner membership of $500/$2000 and recurring commissions from their referrals from Get Response Autoresponder and Clickmagick link tracking program.

I will get to this in a moment.

0 – 100K – The Goal

As you can see with enough subscribers the path to $100,000 in commissions per year is not unattainable.

You only need to upgrade to VIP Partner level and have 50 members under you upgrade to VIP partner level.

Not only is there the membership business opportunity but Earn Easy Commissions helps its members build your number one online asset. That is an email list.

The Importance of Being An Active Member

Only active members that invest in the money system can earn from the membership opportunities.

The money system is, investing in the GetResponse Autoresponder and Clickmagick link tracking program.

As a free active member, you can’t earn commissions from your referrals that sign up for GetResponse and Clickmagick.

But the Earn Easy Commissions team will set up a lead capture page that is synced to your Clickmagick link tracking program.

When you promote your link you will be promoting your Clickmagick link and you will be able to track who is visiting your lead capture page and who is subscribing.

Get Response Autoresponder

The other half of this is, when someone subscribes through your lead capture page, this is connected to your GetResponse autoresponder account. GetResponse stores the email addresses.

The Earn Easy Commissions team also uploads 100 pre-written emails into your GetResponse account with links to affiliate products, which adds to your multiple streams of income.

The Free Membership

Everyone who joins as a free member learns how the program works and what the commission structure is.

When it comes time to get down to the business of earning commissions free members are schooled on the best course of action to take.

It is recommended to make use of free traffic first, Chuck advises. You don’t need to use any special marketing tools, your only job is to share your link.

There are a range of videos that explain this. Many members have earned sizable commissions using free tools and social media.

earn easy commissions

The Pro Membership

Over the last few months, the Earn Easy Commissions team has invested considerable time and resources into developing the Pro membership.

The Pro membership cost is a one-time payment of $200, but you can pay it off using a monthly payment plan.

The Pro Membership Benefits

The Pro Membership comes with four major benefits. Email swipes that you can send to your email subscribers promoting already researched products.

A VIP Partner invitation, that is to become a VIP partner with which you can earn high ticket affiliate commissions. Access to earn multiple streams of income. And access to the Digital Elites Academy.

Multiple Streams of Income


Udimi is a solo ad platform that gives solo ad sellers a platform for people who want to sell email ads.

The person receiving the email considers your ad and if they approve they sign up to your email list to receive promotional emails from you.

Buying Solo Ads

Solo ad sellers sell solo ads by how many clicks you want to buy. Clicks can cost anything from $0.30 to $0.70 per click.

The minimum amount of clicks that you can purchase is either 50 or 100 clicks. The minimum is set by the solo ad seller. It is always best to start small even if they are offering a good deal.

The reason for this is you don’t know whether their list will like your offer. Meaning that when the solo ad seller marketed to prospects they may not have been offering bait that is agreeable to what you are offering.


Traffic4Me is also a solo ad platform but with a difference, Traffic4Me owns the traffic and you buy traffic from them.

I have not had any experience with Traffic4Me but many super affiliates have done testimonials for Traffic4Me and back it as a good traffic source.

I might try it out. The Earn Easy Commissions team must think it is good otherwise they wouldn’t recommend that members’ affiliate with it.

The one thing that puts me off is the high price tag for traffic. But some people equate high cost with quality.

The Truth About Cheap Traffic

The one thing that you have to watch with cheap traffic is that it is cheap for a reason. It is low quality. I was buying solo ads on Facebook for $0.30 a click (100 clicks for $30), and the solo ad seller was doing the wrong thing.

I only found out after 3 months and with a list of 480 subscribers. I had swapped autoresponder programs from Aweber to GetResponse and they reported to me that my email list was the same as another member’s.

What I suspect he was doing was that he was paying one of those paid sign up programs for sign-ups.

His solo ads get a high opt-in rate for lead capture pages, but not programs where double opt-in is required.

What I Learnt About Cheap Traffic

This has taught me a lesson to only buy from established platforms. This would have never have happened if I was using a reputable platform.

The thing that made me realize which traffic source was responsible was when I asked him whether I could use my own ad copy and he replied that he knows how to communicate with his list.

The lesson to me is, if you want referrals, use established platforms that ban shady dealers.

Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space is a business platform similar to MLM Gateway where everyone gets their own profile and there are membership levels.

Leased Ad Space serves its purpose as a business opportunity but you have to pay every step of the way to get traffic. Been a big platform with many members doesn’t help you get noticed unless you pay for it.

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost is at a simple level a traffic exchange. You can earn credits for clicking or you can buy traffic packs to advertise. What sets it apart is its referral program.

If you refer 3 people and they refer 3 people Infinity Traffic Boost will pay you 2.74 Bitcoin.

Some time ago this seemed like you could hit the jackpot if it worked out for you. The problem now is that Cryptocurrencies have fallen in value. Bitcoin at one time was popular, but now its value has fallen.

It is a business opportunity and Bitcoin is worth something and if you can build a subscriber base you may as well collect the prize.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate University is extremely popular with people in the internet marketing space. They have set up a community where members help members.

The founders and admin team are on hand to answer questions in minutes, and members are encouraged to help if they can.

Upgrade to premium and you can build huge numbers of websites, make use of the easy site builder, use the in-house keyword tool (Jaxxy), domain names are priced reasonably, get free SSL for your website and more.

Not only can you learn from SEO experts to SEO optimize your blog for the search engines but other members build the credibility of the blog using the currency that search engines looks favorably upon.

You will notice that many Wealthy Affiliate members go on to be successful with blogs and social media.

Earn Affiliate Commissions With Wealthy Affiliate University

Affiliate commissions from Wealthy Affiliate make you residual income meaning for as long as your referrals upgrade to Premium and continue with the program you get paid recurring commissions.

Most referrals take up the opportunity to upgrade to Premium and remain with Wealthy Affiliate as it is a community that delivers huge value.

Not only that but Premium members earn double the commission that Free members earn. Soon your referrals will be paying your Wealthy Affiliate membership fee for you. Upgrading to Premium has huge benefits.

The Digital Elites Academy

The Digital Elites Academy contains 17 courses created by Chuck and his business partner Andy.

They were filmed some time ago but the information is still relevant, as affiliate marketers still face the same challenges.

Some of the courses include a traffic course, affiliate marketing course, list building course, case studies, making easy commissions, an introduction to CPA (Cost per action) marketing, Pay per view traffic, Pay per click traffic, a success mindset course and more.

Each course contains 20 or more modules and will take some time to get through.

What Do You Think?

After reading this Earn Easy Commissions review you may have reached a decision if this is a program you want to join and invest in.

The membership business opportunity is lucrative, along with the multiple streams of income, and the opportunity to use Earn Easy Commissions to build your email list makes this program a profitable business opportunity in a box.

It is a program that you could earn considerable income from. And commissions from the membership program are paid weekly in US dollars.

With free members earning $2 per active referrals and Pro and VIP partners earning $5 per active referrals plus earning from Clickmagick and GetResponse referrals, multiple streams of income, and affiliate products promoted within the emails makes this an unbeatable business opportunity.

Reserve your spot with Earn Easy Commissions now.

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