How Do I Register a Domain Name?

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You can register a domain name with Hostgator but as the name suggests, Hostgator is a web-hosting company that specializes in web hosting, but you can register a  domain name as well.

Register a Domain Name

The first thing to do when you are thinking of creating a self-hosted blog or website is to register a domain name.

Many affiliate tutors suggest using a keyword search tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner to search for a word or phrase related to your niche to get keyword ideas and choose one to register as your domain name.

Many of the keyword ideas being presented will already have been registered but you can choose something close to one of the keyword ideas or a creative spin on a keyword idea.

Once on the Hostgator website, try inputting several of the keyword ideas into the domain search bar and see if they have been registered. Hostgator will then answer whether your keyword has been registered or not.

If it has, Hostgator will offer suggestions to register other domain names. If any of these suggestions sound like a domain you would like to register, the next step is to copy the domain name suggestion and input it into Google Keyword Planner and see if it is a searched for term.

If it’s not, but other keywords appear that are searched for terms, select these and run them through Hostgator’s domain name registrar until you find search for a keyword that is available as a domain name, or until you choose to compromise and accept a creative spin-off that you think you can promote.

Register a Domain Name Type

Once you have settled on a domain name to register, you have to choose a domain name type.

how do I register a domain

There are a lot of domain name endings available now from .club, .money to .today and many more, but the traditional domain names still exist.

And the traditional domain names still are seen as top-level domain names in that they are listed first in Search Engine Results Pages.

In order they are listed are .com, .net, .org and .biz. It is best to buy a top level domain name rather than a creative name as already stated they are listed first in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Now that you have a domain name, the next step is to purchase web hosting.

Purchasing Web Hosting

There is a large range of options available to you but it best to choose an option that is economical and offers you the most options or bang for your buck.

The first web hosting option is the Hatching Plan which allows you to host only one website on this plan.

Remember, you’re an Internet marketer interested in expanding your Internet marketing work across several niches, if you are stuck just promoting one group of products, you may not survive a recession.

The Baby Plan offers unlimited websites and unlimited bandwidth. If you are planning for a possible future it is more economical to choose a plan with a view to the future.

The Importance of Buying an SSL Certificate

But with Norton Internet Security listing websites without SSL as suspect, at the time of writing, a Business Plan can be purchased at the same price.

For peace of mind, a Business Plan may be advisable. And you get a free VOIP phone service.

You have now registered a domain name that is optimized for the search engines and a web hosting service that is of optimal bandwidth for most CMSs (Content Management Systems) like WordPress.

You are now free to start building your website.