Make Money Reviewing Books

To make money reviewing books you need to be prepared to give the books a serious read and experience the book.

To be taken seriously there is no point basing your book review on a number of other reviews to get the job done.

To do this would mean that you being untruthful to your readers who have placed their trust in you to give an honest account of what they can hope to experience by reading the book.

One method of making money reviewing books is to become an affiliate associate for

While a book sales commission won’t increase your bank balance substantially, many people that shop with usually aren’t content to pay for postage for one book.

They prefer to bundle it with other items that they have been meaning to purchase for quite some time. Four percent of $5 isn’t much, 4% of $400 is $4 and that is only one transaction.

And the best thing about physical goods is they tend to be easier to sell, as most people that arrive at the Amazon website already have a good idea of what they want to buy.

With enough traffic to your blog, you could 100X that transaction to $400.

The second method is to review books for book clubs. You won’t be earning via the affiliate marketing route but these book clubs do pay well for independent book reviews.

The referring site states that you are not given a byline to build up your brand but some of these sites may pay you anything from $5 – $60 per book review.

While they are not best sellers, they are published books that are read by a certain target market.

The reviews that you write do not need to be literary masterpieces of 1500 words+.

What is required is a 350-word review that demonstrates that you have read the book and have given what the author has written some thought and you have expressed this in your review.

But you will need to write succinctly and concisely to do this.

Apply to become an Amazon affiliate associate and read Rat Race Rebellion’s take on how to make money reviewing books by clicking the link.