Make Money By Walking

The internet is one of the most innovative inventions of man.


But not just the internet, the mobile phone. Who would have thought that we would now be walking around with a small device in our pocket or bag that we could call people in any country in the world, access the internet, and even use apps?


Apps that offer functions to help us with our daily lives.


But what’s even more amazing is that we can run a business using our mobile phone or make money with it. And earning money with our mobile phones goes beyond selling things or selling services.


We can earn money by doing everyday tasks now. These methods are still in their infancy and the payment is not huge, but the fact that someone is willing to pay us to do something that we were going to do anyway is great.


What I am talking about is an app called Sweat Coin. Sweat Coin pays you to walk. Now you can get paid to do your daily exercise.


Like many other reward sites, they don’t pay you in dollars but cryptocurrency. Their own cryptocurrency, Sweat Coin. But it can be exchanged for rewards.


For 20,000 Sweat Coins, you can redeem it for a new iPhone 8, a $1000 PayPal payment, or for 15,000 Sweat Coins you can get a trip to Borneo.


For every 1,000 outdoor steps, you earn 0.95 Sweat Coin. You’re right, it’s going to take a while to amass 20,000 Sweat Coins but consider this, it will be an incentive to walk beyond 1,000 step or possibly push yourself to walk 10,000 steps.


Think if you walk 10,000 steps every day, you’re less likely to be carrying excess weight, you will be fitter, and your mental health will be good as you will benefit from all those endorphins.


You will be healthier, you will put yourself in a group that is less likely to be diabetic, suffer from heart attack or other middle-age health issues. Add healthy eating and life will change for the better.


Sweat Coin is available at Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you can read more about Sweat Coin at