IBOToolbox Review – Using IBOToolbox

I got started with IBOToolbox when I read a Twitter follower’s pinned tweet and clicked the link and decided to check it out.

IBOToolbox is completely free to use. I got by, for months using all the features of the platform without making any purchases. When they were selling ad credits at half price I bought $50 worth.

They must have been feeling generous that day because they doubled the order. Instead of getting 100,000 credits, I got 200,000 credits(1,000,000 ads).

There are several main parts to IBOToolbox. There’s the IBOToolbox wall, where you can post anything you want, as long as its clean.

Your profile page which is called your IBO Social Profile. The third part is your advertising page.

IBO has other websites that work with IBOToolbox.

These are the link shortener called IBO URL, IBO Exchange (Traffic Exchange), IBO List (a classifieds site), IBO Tube (IBO Video Site), SMS Look Up (For lead generation)(I haven’t explored this yet), PR Tool (Write and share press releases), IBO Banners (design and host banners), IBO Gigs (like Fiverr.com), IBO Answers (Like Yahoo Answers).

The other sites are 3rd party sites. They are Rebrandable Traffic (buy website visitors and you can also resell the traffic), Market With Kris (Training portal), Network Leads.com, and Home Success Pro.

How I Use IBOToolbox

When I got started with IBOToolbox I went through the training with Market With Kris, which is highly recommended.

There is no other way to master the platform in full without it. Market With Kris is run by Kris Karafotis, IBOToolbox’s admin and trainer. (Market With Kris’s training is free).

When I finished all the training modules I received ad credits to advertise my business. After finishing training the first step I did was fill out my profile and then created a profile page.

There are two editors that I used (the Wysiwyg editor and the HTML editor). I use the HTML editor to add banner code and the Wysiwyg editor to write and centre images.

I find I can get by with copy and paste. Any coding issues I have and I look up W3Schools.com.

A video I watched about IBOToolbox said your IBO Social Profile should be a 24/7 version of you. Meaning you need to write something about yourself.

When I got my profile up and added banners and advertising to my IBO Social profile, the next thing I did was post on the IBOToolbox wall to get associates.

When I first signed up the system would have created an automatic wall post for me that said “Just signed up to IBOToolbox” and the person who referred me would also have had an automatic post that said “Participation is the key….”.

Most people post promotions for their businesses, a blog post link, or a status update, like a Facebook post.

I usually read what other people are posting and click their links. Like Facebook, I try to associate with as many people as I can. If I read a post
that I like I click on the person’s name and view their profile.

When I view their profile I look at their profile page (like the one I described earlier with the wysiwyg editor). What I look for is what they say about themselves, how long they’ve been on the platform, what their business is, and their profile picture.

Their profile will have several sections. These are their profile page, business page, Press releases, videos and learn more. I will look for how many press releases they have done and if they have any videos.

If they have an interesting profile I will send an associate request. Expect approval in a day or more.

When I accumulated enough associates I thought it was time to share a press release.

When I share a press release all my associates are notified by email and people viewing the wall see a post stating that I have shared a press release.

Getting More Credits

IBOToolbox makes it easy for members to keep using the platform for free and gives away free credits to its members. They give away 50 credits in the morning and 50 credits in the evening. They also give away 100 credits per original Press Release.

Members are permitted to post 2 Press Releases per day. When members post on the wall and comment on Press Releases, members are also credited.


I use my credits to advertise my businesses using banner ads and listing ads. A listing ad is charged one credit per impression and banner ads 3 – 10 credits per impression depending on the size.

The advertising portal reports how many times an ad is viewed, the number of clicks it gets, and the click-through rate (%).

I have started to use the IBO Url shortener as it gives people more information about my profile and PRs. On a squeeze page, I don’t use this as I don’t want people to navigate away from my squeeze page without opting in.

Getting Leads

I find that I make people aware of my presence on IBOToolbox by posting Press Releases, posting on the wall, and advertising.

I find that posting on the wall and advertising work best, although I have had opt-ins from people as a result of people clicking links in my Press Releases.

IBO List

I sometimes get opt-ins from IBO List as people looking for businesses will go there and see my ads and opt into my email list.

IBO Exchange

Advertising at IBO Exchange can be lucrative as visitors are often looking for businesses if they are hanging out there.

I signed up to Rebrandable Traffic there, and the person that referred me would have earned a 25% commission.

Referring People to IBOToolbox

IBO offers its members the chance to refer other members and provides banners, links and splash pages.

To earn money from your referrals, referrals need to buy ad credits. The referrer receives a 20% commission or a 50% commission if the referrer is a Club IBO member.

To join IBO Toolbox and see the wall working, click the link.