How To Use Twitter For Beginners and Build an Audience

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Twitter is a social media platform for promoting brand awareness. This article will discuss how to use Twitter for beginners and how to build an audience.

One of the first things you need to do if you are new to Twitter is to upload a header image. The dimensions for this are 1500 pixels x 500 pixels.

You can use a larger image than this but it will be cropped. To create a custom Twitter Header you can use an image creating website called This is a free website.

Next, you need to upload a profile picture(500 pixels x 500 pixels). This could be a photo of yourself or a logo. Ideally, it will be a picture of yourself, so people will know what you look like.

The final Twitter set up step is to complete your bio. Twitter only allows you 160 characters for this. This should be a sentence packed with keywords, hashtags and information about you, your company or your offer.

You can also add website links. There is also a section to post your main blog/website link. Optionally you can post your location.

With Twitter, you need to post a variety of content that speaks to your audience. To find an audience, think of your ideal customer. Who is your target market? Then create posts aimed at speaking to that market.

As you don’t have an audience, you need to position your posts where your target market can see them. You do this using hashtags(#).

Crowdfire can help you build an audience

If your interest area is affiliate marketing, the obvious hashtags would be #affiliatemarketing #affiliate #makemoneyonline.

You may not see engagement on your first post but if you are posting content that your target market is interested in, they are likely to want to read it and even share it.

After you have at least 5 tweets, you will want to try and build a following and the best way to do this is by following other people. A good place to start is to follow other affiliate marketers.

You can find other marketers on Twitter by using Twitter search and search for your blog topic. Click on either ‘Top’ or ‘Latest’. A list of tweets (posts) will appear. Read through the tweets until you find one that you like. At the bottom of the tweet will be 4 symbols.

Look for a square (Retweet) and a heart (like). If you want to add this tweet to your profile page, click Retweet or if you want to like the tweet, click the heart symbol.

The other two symbols are to reply or post directly to an individual Twitter user, and the message symbol is to send a direct message to an individual Twitter user.

Crowdfire is a good tool to help you manage your Twitter Account

Now click on the Twitter user’s name or picture. You will be directed to their profile page. Scroll down and read their tweets. If their tweets appeal to you, click follow.

Twitter is a social media platform that when you follow someone they often reciprocate and follow you back. Aim to follow at least 100 people a day. Only a fraction of these people will follow you back, but you will start to build a decent audience within 3 months.

As you build an audience you will want to invest in some social media tools. To begin with, I recommend starting with CrowdFire. This software allows you to automate your social media management.

They have an RSS feed of blog posts and image posts that you can share with your audience.

As these posts have been scraped from an RSS feed they often come fully loaded with #hashtags which means you don’t need to do the hashtag research.

CrowdFire has also researched the best times to post to your audience to get the most engagement. CrowdFire is a good tool to use as much of the engagement that I receive doesn’t even come from people I follow.

It comes from the hashtags added to the RSS posts. At this point in time, CrowdFire does not include analytics, but it does allow you to follow based on keywords and competitor’s followers.

This means that if someone on Twitter is posting about affiliate marketing I am shown this person’s name and I can follow them.

If you want to promote your blog on Twitter it is not recommended to post your blog posts all the time as this is a turn off for other Twitter users.

You need a variety of posts. I have found that I get the most engagement from image quotes that I have shared from the CrowdFire RSS feed.

I now don’t post articles from the CrowdFire RSS feed as my followers ignore them. CrowdFire shares my blog posts throughout the month at the best times.

These methods are currently working for me and I am getting more engagement, more followers, and less unfollows with these strategies.

There will always be people who will unfollow you immediately after they have followed you.

This is not a problem as CrowdFire detects this and if you choose to, you can unfollow them the next day.

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