How To Make Extra Cash – 55 Easy Ways

This list of 55 ways of how to make extra cash lists jobs that you can do that requires that you are willing to do some work but in most cases you are not required to complete any qualifications other than a short course here and there when necessary.

Most people will find one or two of these ideas to be helpful to earn some extra cash every week.

1. Take online surveys

The other day I completed a survey where they were offering to pay me $30 for completing a 5 hour survey.

It is only $6 per hour but if you are approved for a gig like this it’s a guaranteed $30 in your bank account.

To consistently earn larger payouts, like any job it is important to make a significant effort to do a good job.

If they can see that you add a good amount of detail towards every answer it is likely that they will ask you to complete surveys for clients that pay more.

The best thing about completing surveys to make extra cash is that no special skills are required.

All that is required is for you to be a consumer and to share your opinions related to shopping and consuming products.

You won’t get rich but for many people an extra $50 a month can mean a few extra dollars or to make ends meet.

Here are some popular survey sites:

2. Participate in focus groups

After a few invitations to higher paying surveys some of these same companies offer focus group opportunities.

Focus groups pay a lot more for your opinion than online surveys.

Payment for participating in focus groups can range from $50 to $150 and they generally take 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

Small rewards for doing regular surveys increase to higher focus group payouts.

3. Start a blog

It’s easy to get started blogging.

Most bloggers on the web use WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to build their blog.

WordPress is free to install and you can change the look and format of your blog by downloading and installing a theme.

On or from within your blog you can download many free themes or you can spend a few dollars and get a professional theme from ThemeForest.

To get started with your own blog you need to buy a domain name.

Most people think of GoDaddy when they think of buying a domain name.

They seem to sell domain names for the lowest prices on the web.

The only problem is that when you want to renew your domain name the next year they charge you 18 times the price.

The other thing you need to consider is that your blog needs web hosting.

Hostgator are the leader in webhosting and you can purchase fast Cloud Web Hosting for your blog as well as purchasing a domain name.

The benefit (as a newbie) of purchasing your domain name from Hostgator as well as your web hosting is that you can easily connect the two together.

You can choose a plan that you can host unlimited domains on your account.

I have bought this option in the past, but have found that one blog keeps me busy.

If you are confident that you can connect your domain and hosting together, the cheapest place to buy a domain on the web is Namecheap and you get free ‘Whois Guard’ for the life of your domain.

They also offer web-hosting.

But navigating domain names, web hosting, WordPress, and tech support issues can be challenging.

There is a solution to this.

The solution is to host your blog at Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can purchase your domain for the same price every year.

The hosting is a bit more expensive than Hostgator and Namecheap but you are getting more than a domain name and web hosting.

You are getting fast Amazon Hosting for up to 50 websites as well as access to a tech support team that will answer your queries in minutes.

No more waiting in a queue for an hour to two hours, or waiting 3 business days for the support staff to investigate your support ticket.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of people learning how to make extra cash using affiliate marketing blogs.

The Wealthy Affiliate system consists of a number of modules to teach you how to create a blog or affiliate marketing website to earn an online income.

There are thousands of members who have joined the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Whenever you want to learn something about affiliate marketing, blogging, or anything about making money online you can ask the community and within a few minutes someone will reply and share their knowledge with you.

Plus referring members that upgrade their membership to Premium means you earn a recurring 50% commission every month.

But you only earn the 50% recurring commission if you sign up for a Premium membership.

If you are interested in becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, click here.

4. Become an Affiliate Marketer

You have just read through how to make extra cash by starting a blog with affiliate marketing but you can be an affiliate marketer without a blog.

Affiliate marketers are essentially sharing their affiliate link and some extra information about the business they are promoting.

One program with which you can become an affiliate marketer without a website is Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income in which you create eBooks that you share on the web offering people information and at the same time referring them to an affiliate offer.

This is a recommended way to get started with affiliate marketing if you are not ready to start a blog or you want to try affiliate marketing.

Other places you can share your affiliate link include social media, other blogs, and forums.

Facebook, however, no longer allows people to share affiliate links.

Gmail at one time was not accepting affiliate link emails into the Primary tab and was sending them to spam.

5. Learn Affiliate Marketing

Besides learning affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate there are many other courses you can do.

Another of Ewen Chia’s best affiliate marketing courses is ‘Super Affiliates‘.

Ewen shares his knowledge of being a top ‘Super Affiliate’ without the need to blog, but by building up an online brand for yourself on the web.

Read my ‘Super Affiliates’ review here.

6. Start your own YouTube Channel

Earning large amounts of cash on YouTube is out of range for most people initially but over time if you are sharing quality content you can build up a large audience.

If you have a small audience and are getting under 100 views per video you can leverage that audience and share affiliate products with them and earn some extra cash.

7. Add Google Adsense to your blog

If you get thousands of visitors to your blog every month, it’s worth monetizing that traffic with Google Adsense advertising.

Although another advertising site called Media Vine is said to pay higher rates than Google Adsense although you can’t position the advertising.

Media Vine positions the advertising in the highest traffic areas of your website.

8. Write a short eBook and sell it on Amazon

No need to set up a payment processor.

Amazon will take care of the selling for you.

All you need to do is write an eBook of at least 20 pages and format it correctly to Amazon’s Kindle format.

You earn 70% of profits and with Amazon’s large audience you can start earning.

9. Create a course on Udemy or Skillshare

Both these sites have large audiences that regularly sign up to learn new skills.

To create a course you need to uplaod high quality videos that students can follow along with.

You don’t need to appear on screen yourself which means you don’t need to invest in props and professional lighting.

Alternatively you can record your screen on your computer by using a free screen recording software called ‘Screen-o-matic’.

Another option is that you can create a video course and pay a copywriter to create a sales letter or video sales letter for you and sell your product on an affiliate network called Clickbank.

You can have affiliates sign up to promote your product which will increase sales, and in return you will pay them an affiliate commission.

Clickbank will take care of all payment processing and affiliate payments, as well as advertising your site to affiliates on their affiliate platform.

There are several other affiliate networks including JVZoo, Warrior Network, and others.

Higher ticket programs are sold on Clickbank but higher ticket offers are also sold on the other networks as backend offers.

10. Sell your services on Fiverr

If you have a professional skill in logo creation, graphic design, copywriting, content creation or some other salable skill you can set up a gig on Fiverr.

The higher your skill level, the more you can charge.

Anyone can sign up to sell their services or you can sign up to purchase services.

11. Become a gig middle-man

Leading on from purchasing services you can purchase services on the behalf of your clients and be the middle-man if you know how to sell and get clients.

Possible clients can be found on forums, by advertising, or by word of mouth.

I have come across middle-men hiring workers on forums and there are probably many more people that do this.

12. Flip Domain Names

If you can think of valuable and imaginative domain names, there are still many combinations of words to create domain names.

The most valuable domain names are ‘Top Level Domain Names’, TLDs.

But with many new domain name varieties being added every day many more domain names are becoming popular and valuable.

You can buy them at Namecheap cheaply and then flip them at GoDaddy Auctions for whatever price you want to charge.

Start the bidding low and see what happens.

13. Become an Instagram or Twitter Influencer

If you can build up a large following on either of these two platforms, your audience’s attention could be worth money to businesses that want to advertise their offers.

But a large following is not all that is needed.

Anyone can purchase followers and likes.

What is needed is a genuinely engaged audience of buyers.

If you can demonstrate this you have a valuable asset whether you sell advertising or you want to earn extra cash doing a bit of affiliate marketing for yourself.

14. Be a paid micro worker

On Amazon Mechanical Turk or Clickworker you can earn small amounts doing micro jobs.

Amazon’s Mturk pays a few cents to do basic data entry or transcription and can potentially pay more.

On Clickworker you can make use of your audience on social media.

You don’t need to be an influencer.

All that is needed is that you have more than 50 followers.

These gigs are good for earning small amounts for quick tasks.

You can earn money for other quick tasks as well.

15. Pet sit pets

Many people like the idea of having a puppy dog or a kitten but these young animals don’t like the feeling of being left alone for very long and will cry if made to do so.

You wouldn’t leave a baby or small child alone, and you can’t leave a puppy or kitten alone either.

The solution is to get a pet sitter.

Pet sitters can make some extra cash looking after pets casually for a few hours every day.

But besides infant animals, other pets need to be fed during the day and be taken for a walk for some exercise.

If you can walk 3 dogs at $15 an hour you are earning $45 an hour walking dogs.

16. Dog Grooming

If pets are your thing, you could offer dog grooming along with pet sitting and dog walking.

After dog walking you could groom the dogs for their owners.

17. Babysit children

Whether they are kindergarten children or young children that need supervision after school you could babysit these children if they have working parents.

18. Homework Tutoring for younger school children

Expanding on babysitting school children, you could also offer homework tutoring for an extra fee which could also include story reading for younger children.

19. Homework Tutoring for older children and Uni Students

Older children and Uni students can often find course work to be challenging and need some assistance finding solutions to textbook questions.

If you have experience and knowledge in this area, this field can be well paid.

One to one tutoring in small groups can add a few dollars every week to your bank balance.

20. Rent out your parking spot or garage

If you live in the inner suburbs of a city or town, or close to a railway station your parking spot or garage can be making you money while you are at work.

Depending on the season and climate, a garage can protect a client’s car from the elements whether it be sub-zero temperatures or the hot sun.

A reserved parking spot near a railway station is an asset that would be sought after as the client won’t have to arrive at the station in a race for a parking spot as they will alway have a parking spot.

21. Deliver Leaflets

Leaflet delivering is a job that’s always on offer.

Whether it is to deliver the local paper in your suburb or a selection of leaflets, you can usually find an advertisement on a local classifieds site or in a newspaper.

The only downside is that the pay is low and it is best to have a car as the leaflets or papers are heavy and you need to deliver a lot of them to get the job done.

22. Flip goods found on Facebook Marketplace

Buy things cheaply on Facebook Marketplace and flip them for a higher price on eBay.

You can often get things cheaply on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree and sell them for a profit on eBay.

That is if you can get the traffic to eBay to buy your product.

You could try advertising your eBay listings on Craigslist or a similar site to drive traffic and interest.

23. Buy goods at garage sales and flip them on eBay

Most people that have garage sales can’t be bothered transporting their things down to the thrift shop and want to get rid of them.

Sometimes you can pick up collectible video games, baseball cards, and ornaments.

And for the ladies, vintage clothing.

Take a good look at what they’ve got and if you’re not sure of the value, a loss of a few dollars is worth it if it’s a possibility you could make several times your money back.

You can check on the web the value of items or find similar items on eBay.

24. Offer gardening and weeding services

Traditional gardening and lawn mowing requires that you have your own lawn mower and vehicle, but anyone can offer to remove weeds from people’s gardens.

All that is needed is a cushion to kneel on and some hand tools.

The weeds can be put in the client’s bin.

Many garden services offer this service, but it would not be difficult to beat their rate.

You can do some research on the web to see what gardeners in your local area charge for this service.

Get a few clients and you’re in business.

This would be a good part-time business idea for students.

25. Refurbish furniture

Some people put old furniture out on the street when they’ve finished using it.

If it’s an old desk chair and the seat is flat you can refurbish it by buying a piece of foam and covering it with new fabric.

Most furniture that gets rejected often only needs a cosmetic repair.

After repairing it for a few dollars you can double or even triple your money and make some extra cash which you can invest in making more money or buy whatever you want with it.

26. Participate in University research studies

University students studying for their PhD are required to write a thesis and sometimes create research studies which require participants.

With the funding they receive they offer participants an incentive to participate as subjects in the research project.

I have seen offers of $50 or more for a small investment of time.

It’s worth considering if you are short of cash and meet the requirements.

27. Complete short tasks for Field Agent

Field Agent and similar apps need you to complete short market research tasks at your local stores.

They only pay a few dollars but they are simple tasks that include making note of pricing or taking photos of products on the shelves.

In the past, taking note of prices or taking photos in supermarkets was not welcomed by stores but with the introduction of smartphones and comparison shopping it is becoming more accepted.

28. Become a freelance writer

There are many freelance article writing sites on the web.

But the problem is that they are strict as to who they will accept to become freelancers on their site.

But there are a lot of sites which means you have many opportunities to get accepted.

But if you don’t think your skills measure up there are other options for freelancers that need to work on their skills.

This includes writing for a freelance writing site called iWriter.

The pay is low but you will be getting experience and you can graduate to charge higher fees with more experience.

The other option is to sell articles with what writing ability you have on a site called

You can charge whatever fee you want.

Digitalpoint takes care of the payment processing and takes a small cut of the sale price for using their platform.

But there are no standards to meet other than to follow the site rules.

But if your work is of a low standard buyers can rate your work and future customers will know what to expect.

29. Watch short videos

Swagbucks offers viewers points for watching videos.

You only get paid a few cents, but it’s not work.

You’re getting paid for something you’d do in your downtime.

30. Get paid for exercising

Sweatcoin, a smartphone app, will pay you to walk.

Another thing which you do every day for your own wellbeing.

You have to walk a long distance to get paid.

31. Sell your Uni course notes

If you have taken thorough notes during your time at university and you have recently finished studying there are sites on the web which will buy your uni notes from you for a fee.

32. Social Media management

Most businesses nowadays have a social media presence but don’t have time to manage it.

Spending all day on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook answering customer service questions or posting new content isn’t within many small business’s daily schedules.

If you are an elite user of these platforms and know how to build a following and successfully answer customer queries then you can offer your services as a social media manager.

33. Be a companion for older people or disabled people

Carers can’t be around to look after older people and disabled people around the clock.

You could offer your services as a companion and either read the newspaper to them or play cards with them while their carer takes some time off.

34. Offer your services as a nanny

You might need a certificate to become a nanny but as a nanny you can travel the world with your host family and have your airfare and accommodation paid for.

This is a good way for a young lady to see the world and have a job she can depend on at the same time.

35. Transcribe videos and recordings

Most YouTube videos these days contain subtitles as many people who are at work or traveling don’t want to listen to the video but prefer to read the subtitles.

The same is true of other video sites.

36. Rent your car out

There are many services in countries throughout the world that offer a platform for car owners and car renters to transact easily without any problems.

37. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Driving for ride sharing services can be a good way to earn money.

Especially if you take the early morning shift to drive people to the airport.

Not only is it a long drive but due to the time of day the fee is substantially higher.

38. Write wedding invitations with calligraphy

Calligraphy is a great skill to have.

Not every engaged couple can afford expensive wedding invitations.

If you are a skilled calligrapher you could offer your writing skill at a discount to the budget end of the market but still earn a decent income from it.

39. Clothing alterations

Most people that buy clothes require alterations.

If you’re experienced with a sewing machine you could offer your services to local clothing shops notifying them of your skills.

40. Format resumes

Most job applicants don’t have professional resumes.

Many people write their own resumes.

Resulting in resumes with poor formatting and font choices.

If you have knowledge in this area as well as a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office you could offer your services as a resume writer.

41. Sell products on Amazon

You can sell products on Amazon and buy them from suppliers at wholesale prices and use Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

Many people find this to be a profitable arrangement as Amazon takes care of payment and shipping.

All you need to do is make sure items are in stock at the wholesaler end and get paid.

There are many books on this on Amazon, as well as course on Udemy.

42. Go to auction house sales

Buy low, sell high on Amazon and eBay.

Auction houses and liquidators want to move stock as quickly as they can, which means you can get goods cheaply.

Some people end up selling furniture that they paid $100s for, for only $20.

In the past modern furniture was what many people made huge losses on, but now people make a loss on antique furniture as well.

43. Offer hugs for $5

This can be a very profitable way to make money at lunch time or on the weekends.

A hug at most lasts for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

In 100 minutes you can make potentially $500 or a good amount per day depending on your presentation.

Check with your local council or shopping centre management before setting this gig up as you may have to enter into an agreement with them before beginning.

44. Sign up for a CPA (cost per action) account

CPA marketing often doesn’t require that you make a sale.

Mostly all that is needed is to get people to enter an email address into a sign up form.

If they perform this action you can earn anything from $0.50 – $40.00 depending on the offer.

But most CPA companies won’t accept applicants unless they can demonstrate how they will drive traffic to the offer.

This is fair as it is a waste of time for you as well as the affiliate manager if you only get one or two sign ups.

They are interested in working with high volume clients.

45. Autumn raking

During Fall or Autumn deciduous trees drop their leaves leaving leaves covering streets and roads.

To keep their properties tidy many home owners rake the leaves and dispose of them.

But it takes time and hard work, and not everyone has the time or stamina to do it.

You could offer to rake these leaves and put them in the bin.

The only tool you would need is a rake.

46. Paint street numbers on the curb

I once heard a story of a 15-year-old boy in business for himself over the holiday period earning $10 using a stencil to paint house numbers on the curb of driveways.

All that is needed is few cans of spray paint and some number stencils.

47. Deliver food for UberEats

Most western countries have UberEats or the equivalent.

If you don’t, consider asking your local take-away or restaurant to hire you to deliver food to their customers for a small fee for every order.

In some countries there are competing food delivery services that also employ young people to deliver food on bicycles and e-bikes.

48. Rent your ski gear, surf board, or boogie board

Depending on whether it’s Ski season or Summer, consider renting your gear.

When people purchase this gear they soon discover that it takes up space in their garage or cupboard, and the best use they can make of it is to either use it or rent it and make some extra cash.

49. Offer your services to be a companion walker

Some people may want to exercise but not be able to keep up with the pace of a walking group.

This is where you come in.

You can walk at their pace and stop and rest when they ask you to.

This service would suit clients who are seniors, disabled, or overweight.

You will need to be reasonably fit as you will need to be able to keep up with your client.

50. Gift Selector

Many professional people don’t have time to select gifts for their friends even if you can do online shopping.

If you are supplied with some information about what’s required and you think of yourself as a good gift selector you could advertise your services on professional sites like LinkedIn.

51. Errand runner

Many busy moms would appreciate an errand runner as would some business people as time is the most valuable asset we have.

But often there are not enough hours in the day do get everything done.

52. Art therapy

With many people that suffer from mental health issues in the community, there is a need for therapy that is relaxing and calming.

Many people find art therapeutic.

Working as an art therapist most likely would not even require you to be qualified.

Or if you wanted some training in this area you could do a short course.

53. Sell flowers in restaurants

This is an old occupation, but couples still go to restaurants for romantic meals and flowers are the romantic gift.

You could buy a bunch of flowers from the supermarket and wrap each flower individually to sell at a profit.

A rose would be best as this is the flower that is traditionally given individually.

54. Blog commenting

There are many blogs on the web that get traffic but no one comments on the blogs.

Google views blogs with comments more favorably than those without.

Many blog owners would go to the extreme of paying for blog commenting.

Some blog owners fake blog comments which is often obvious.

55. Review Amazon products

Review Amazon products on your blog and refer customers to Amazon.

Whatever they buy you receive an affiliate commission, even if it’s not the product you reviewed.

This completes but is by no means an exhausted list of 55 Easy Ways of How To Earn Extra Cash.

You may have noticed that not all gigs are online as many people need jobs completed offline in the community.

These ideas can be put to use to start a side hustle business as many of the gigs have high demand in the community.