How To Get Your Newsletter Read

To get your newsletter read you need your newsletter to be worth reading. Some people like to think of their newsletter as the vehicle that turns their computer into an ATM machine.

While it can be your round the clock salesperson, to achieve this it is important to build a relationship with your subscribers.

To do this you need to be sharing content that is useful. This useful content needs to be related to your opt-in page or your blog.

If you have a blog about Internet marketing and you include information about the latest TVs available and where to get one, your audience will unsubscribe.

This is because they subscribed to an Internet marketing newsletter and not the latest electronics newsletter.

Your newsletter needs to provide actionable content with an ‘aha’ moment. You’re probably having an ‘aha’ moment yourself now. Yes, you can market products to your subscriber base, but there is no use selling because no one likes to be sold.

How can you send your subscribers to sales pages without selling or doing the hard sell? You presell them.

Preselling is talking about a problem that your subscribers may have and then introducing them to a solution. Don’t sell the solution to them, instead provide information about the solution.

Talk about your experience with the product. It’s unwise to suggest a solution if you know nothing about it apart from what you’ve read on the sales page.

With digital products, if you have an email list, you can contact the merchant and ask for a review copy and explain what your marketing strategy is.

If you’re a new marketer, you can buy the product through your own affiliate link and save some money.

Ensure that you emphasize the issue and tell them about the results they would get if they buy the product. Rather than sending them as cold buyers to the sales page, preselling them installs the ‘I want the product’ feeling.

This means they will be reading the sales-letter favorably and be ready to buy at the first opportunity they get.

You can’t presell with every newsletter edition. If you are always selling your newsletter won’t get read and your subscribers will get into the habit of deleting your newsletter because they believe that if they read it they will get sold again.

What is needed is free information that is useful and can be applied to their problems. By providing free useful information, subscribers will be more readily presold when you presell.

Use a conversational tone like you are talking to a friend. If your newsletter is written in the 3rd person, reading this content can become dry and hard to continue with. Include a joke occasionally or a funny story.

Stories that accompany or help to express your content a good too. People like reading stories because they are interested in other people and their lives, and it helps to break up the monotony.

To get your newsletter read you need to present content that your subscribers will find interesting and think about the problems that your subscribers may have and the best solution to these problems, but ensuring to provide a good amount of useful free information when you’re not preselling.

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