How To Get More Followers On Twitter And Instagram

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If you want to know how to get more followers on Twitter and Instagram, one thing may surprise you.

The two platforms are completely different in the sense of layout, but the strange thing is that the strategy for getting more followers on both platforms is similar.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is although some niches attract more followers than others.


Twitter is a platform that is versatile enough that you can post nearly any kind of content.

This ranges from status updates with or without links, photos, video links, embedded video, quotes, or links to blog posts and articles.

Twitter did launch Periscope, their online live video app, a while ago.

But I rarely see anyone on Twitter promoting their Periscope videos.


Instagram, the visual app, has more active users than Twitter, and is popular with the 18-29 year old age group as well as the over 35 year old age group.

Unlike Twitter, Instagram users are limited to only one website link in their bio, although if you post an ad you can link to a URL.

The Instagram profile is completely visual.

Some Instagramers do blog though.

A new feature is that you can now connect your posts to online stores, which makes things easier for online shoppers.

What’s Popular On Instagram

But what’s popular on Instagram is video whether it is Instagram stories or IGTV.

These are two ways to drive up your followers massively.

This does depend on your content and target audience.

Grant Cardone has a huge following and manages to get a good audience to his stories and IGTV videos.

But those in the personal development niche do well too.

Tony Robbins for instance has a massive following and a good deal of engagement.

What Drives Engagement?

The two platform’s currency that drives engagement and following are likes.

Instagram has long had a higher engagement rate than any other social media platform on the Internet.

But liking posts notifies people of your account to get them to take a look.

The one thing that will build you a decent following is creating valued content.

Valued content makes people repost, like, engage and follow you.

Commenting, whether on Twitter or Instagram drives engagement.

Except on Instagram it is more valuable.

Instagram has placed a high value on content that gets huge numbers of comments.

Content that gets more comments are seen more and placed at the top of people’s newsfeed, and at the top of hashtag newsfeeds.


They give user another place for their content to be seen.

Some users interpret this that more is better. But look at a post with 30 hashtags.

It makes the post look untidy.

Hashtags in a sense are like keywords in search engines.

It makes sense to only target the hashtags that you can dominate in.

If you focus on a hashtag that an influencer with 200K followers is dominating who’s post gets 8000 likes and comments or retweets, you are going to find yourself at the bottom of the pile.

What Is Valued?

Twitter’s valued currency are retweets, but on Instagram, reposts are not highly valued.

This may be because Instagram values unique content.

But any post with thousands of retweets and likes indicates a tweet on Twitter has gone viral, and it’s likely that the tweeter’s follower count has also increased significantly as well.

Don’t consider buying or paying for likes, comments or retweets as Twitter and Instagram’s admin can detect this even when you pay active users.

What not to do

Don’t consider buying or paying for likes, comments or retweets as Twitter and Instagram’s admin can detect this even when you pay active users.

Instagram has decided to come down hard on users that take part in this as this behaviour has disrupted their platform.

The Easiest Way To Get More Followers

But one of the easiest ways to get more followers on Twitter and Instagram is to follow more people.

Most people will follow back.

With social media management software you can unfollow those that don’t follow you back.