How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

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To drive traffic to your blog using Twitter, it should be noted that Twitter users don’t use Twitter to read tweets that are statements, although quotes are popular,

Twitter users want to link to useful content. And it is better to share outside content, content from your newsfeed, and your content.

As with all tweets it is best not to overdo any promotions of this content as it becomes spammy to push the same tweet every minute of the day. And people will refuse to acknowledge it.

Tweet Like You Talk

No one wants to read the same tone and thing everywhere. I was on Twitter a few weeks ago and was checking followers’ newsfeeds and I saw the same picture of a sports car on five Twitter User’s pages.

tweet like you talk

I thought for one second I was viewing fake accounts.

I then realized that these were sponsored posts where the Twitter user was paid to tweet at a certain time.

People want a unique experience with a unique voice and the best way to do that is to tweet like you speak and choose images according to your message.

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Ask Your Blog Readers To Follow You

If you’ve got eyeballs on your blog and they are enjoying your content, you may as well include it in your call to action to follow you on Twitter. And to make it easy for them, provide a link or button on your blog to follow you on Twitter.

Comment On Other Twitter Users Tweets

When you find a tweet worth retweeting rather than retweeting it, quote tweet it and comment what you think of the article they are linking to or the quote they have posted. Your followers are interested in your views.

Follow People Who Follow Influencers

If they are interested in the influencer’s content, and your content is in the same industry as the influencer’s they might also be interested in reading your content, and following you to read more of your content.

Ask Your Followers On Other Social Media Platforms To Follow You

If you are on Facebook, you might frequently get an invitation to like someone’s content.

If you ask your followers on other social media platforms to follow you, you can grow your fan base more quickly and sometimes virally as friends of friends could follow you.

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Pin A Tweet To The Top Of Your Newsfeed

Once you pin a tweet to the top your newsfeed this will be the tweet that gets seen first and will give your audience the first impression of what you’re about.

Your choice of tweet could include a popular tweet that received many retweets and likes or it could be an affiliate promotion you want your audience to interact within a bid to earn some money.

It is recommended to change the tweet every week or two in case a Twitter user mistakes your pinned tweet for an account that has become inactive. And as a result, decides to navigate away from your profile.

how to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter

You may decide to test which type of pinned tweet gets more engagement. You could pin an affiliate link tweet to the top of your newsfeed for two weeks and then test a quote for two weeks, and finally try a link to a blog post.

All these tweets and results will vary as it will depend on the affiliate offer, the category and chosen quote, and the blog post.

To counter this you could choose these tweets that have already received retweets and engagement, and check their results after two weeks as a pinned tweet.

How To Build A Twitter Audience

Use A Number In Your Tweets

Using a number in your tweets gives Twitter users a goal as to how many tips they are going to read. Which sounds better?

10 Tips To Get More Traffic or Get More Traffic.

Most people would go with the 10 Tips article because they know they will get a substantial amount of tips instead of one or two.

Attract Eyeballs With More Than Headlines

Think about your blog post and how to can persuade people to read it other than just typing in the headline and a link.

Think of an aspect of it, what its goal is, what it is promoting and keep it short and interesting. An example of this would be “Twitter users don’t use Twitter to read tweets that are a statement…link”

Try to capture the audience’s attention in a way that makes the audience curious.

Practice this several times and then pick one that you like.

Quote yourself. Take a sentence that captures attention from your article, and tweet it on Twitter. And let people know it’s a quote by using quotation marks. Then add a link.

When this is done right, your tweet and blog could go viral and attract tons of traffic to your blog, as well as increasing your follower count.

And make sure when someone retweets your tweet to acknowledge it and thank them as they will appreciate the credit and mention, and be more willing to help you in the future.

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Include Hashtags To Increase Engagement

Hashtags are like keywords. When you add hashtags, people can find your content when they type a hashtag into Twitter Search.

If you are marketing a product, you could set up a hashtag #nameofproduct so people can find your product and update information about your product.

A hashtag is simply a #. It is advised by many Twitter users not to cram your tweet with hashtags as it borders on spam.

The recommended practice is two hashtags per tweet, even if many of the words within your tweet are known hashtags.

Hashtags allow you to extend your reach further than your followers who read your feed and get found by Twitterers that are interested in the topic you are tweeting about.

You can search for the most popular hashtags related to your niche on Google and then use to find related hashtags that you can also use in your tweets. shows a web of hashtags and also their popularity.

Use @username Mentions To Tag Twitter Users And Get Them To Pay Attention To Your Tweet

@mentions is a way of getting a Twitter user’s attention (especially if they’re an influencer and they’re not following you).

If done enough times to be noticeable the influencer may mention you and you will get exposure to their audience.

how to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter

But don’t overdo it to the point they want to block you meaning that if you @mention them more than 3 times a week, day after day, it will be looked upon as spam.

Retweet @mentionsOfYourName and your blog material to drive sharing and make your content go viral. Anything with your name on it should be Retweeted to take every opportunity for your brand to go viral.

And extra comments are advisable too, as it adds to the virality and enables you to keep track of engagement.

Ask your audience to retweet your content is the best way to get people interested in your content and to get it to go viral. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Unless you retweet their content and then they may retweet your content as a reciprocal action.

For influencers to notice your retweets, amongst all the other retweets, it is advisable to retweet several of the influencer’s tweets that are getting much engagement.

Answer mentions and replies as you can begin to build relationships this way.

Don’t discount a Twitter user with a small follower count.

A Twitter user with an engaged Twitter follower base is better than a Twitter user with an unengaged large Twitter following.

Get involved in Twitter Chats as this is an opportunity to network and build your Twitter community.

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To Get More Impressions Use Images

There’s no need to use images with every tweet but it has been found that tweets featuring images get more engagement in the form of impressions, likes, retweets, and replies. Use images that support your content.

If you are wishing your audience a Merry Christmas then an image of a decorated Christmas tree would be a good choice of image to support this content.

Pictures also help to break the monotony of text and give the eyes a break. But as you are a part of the Twitter newsfeed, you are also constructing your own newsfeed and when people want to view your profile, you’ll want your newsfeed to be well constructed with a balance of text tweets and tweets with images.

Create Curiosity With Questions

If you ask questions and then answer them with links to your blog posts this will drive traffic to your blog. E.g How can I get more traffic to my blog?

Many Twitter users will be carrying partly answered questions and some of them are about getting more followers, engagement, and traffic.

how to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter

But you have to make your answers unique as many answers are regurgitated material. You could take a quote from your article and turn it into a question to show that you have unique content, and also get creative with your headline as readers want to be sure what article they are reading.

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Share Useful Content Consistently

If you are consistently sharing good content that people find useful, people will want to know more about you and whether you have a blog so they can read more about you and your offers. And your Bio is the place to place these links.

Think about your audience on Twitter and what link you would like them to click and whether you would like them to land on a landing page specific to your Twitter audience.

This could be an email capture page or an affiliate offer. Although it can be annoying when Twitter users write,”As a token of my appreciation, here is some free training”, and they are offering an advertisement and asking for payment.

It is better to offer real free training to build a good customer relationship, rather than a grab for cash that often ends in an unfollow.

Get Them On To Your Blog With Half The Story

A trick to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter is to cut your tweet short rather than giving Twitter users the whole story.

If they want the whole story, then they will have to click the link to find out what you meant. If you give them the meat and nothing to chew on, they may make an assumption based on what you have told them that they would prefer to move on.

But if you give them something to think about and wonder that maybe your information sounds intriguing. Then they will click through and view your article.

An example of this is 20 tips Why Twitter Users…link

Get Exposure For Your Tweets

Repeat your tweets to ensure everyone sees them as not all of your audience is looking at the newsfeed all the time. Experiment with different images. And rinse and repeat.

Repurpose old content and reinvigorate it. Then share it again if it has no use by date.

Creating posts for one-off events is not wise as it is not evergreen content, meaning that it can’t be reused next week, next month or next year.

You need to create content for any occasion that can be repurposed and reused whenever you choose.

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Retweet To Get Retweets

Retweet influencer’s content repeatedly to get a mention or retweet from influencer to get on their audience’s radar.

Retweeting influencer’s and your follower’s content will help improve your Twitter reputation and will increase the amount of engagement you get and increase your follower number.

how to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter

Sites like reward you for retweeting other people’s content with points for you to reward other people for sharing your content which means more of your content been shared, and the likelihood that traffic will be driven to your blog or offers.

Some of the content is high quality that I am happy to share it because it is genuinely good content.

Tweet Often To Stay On The Twitter Radar

It’s good to tweet often. Every 20 minutes is best, to ensure your audience understands that you exist. And to give your audience what they want.

People essentially want solutions to their problems. Therefore how to articles are popular, as well as tips articles, and what you don’t want to do articles.

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Tweet Industry News To Show You Keep Pace With The Trends

Sharing your industry’s news is something you don’t want to forget to share, as your industry changes business needs to keep up with the latest trends.

If you are into blogging there are many blogs that get the freshest news on trends for the blogging industry, related to this is the marketing industry.

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To drive traffic to your blog using Twitter look at implementing as many of these tips as possible.

Even 3 tips a week will make a difference to the amount of engagement you get with your tweets.