How To Build A Twitter Audience

This blog post is based on my experience with Twitter and things that are already taking place on Twitter or what I would like to see more of happening on Twitter.

These include what the people of IBOToolbox call, everyone earning and winning (Read my review of IBOToolbox).

People promoting and upvoting other people’s content (like on Reddit), only engaging with people’s content if you are genuinely interested, being content with your following but also engaging with influencers, and what content goes viral.

Do Adswaps Within Twitter

You don’t need an email list to do ad swaps. You can try this strategy with your Twitter follower list.

A simpler form of this is Retweeting, where you Retweet someone’s tweet and as a reciprocal gesture they retweet your tweet. But what I’m suggesting is that you market for your Ad Swapper and promote their tweet.

You could say something like check out the @TwitterFollower account, check out their offer to increase conversions triple fold.

Many people do this on Instagram and at times I have seen good growth (although Twitter is my main social media interest now).

Some people may argue that it is enough to retweet your follower’s tweets but you can’t get an overall sense of someone’s Twitter profile from one tweet or retweet.

Make Use of #FollowFriday

#FollowFriday as the name suggests can only be used on Friday. Many people get annoyed if you use it on other days of the week.

If a Twitterer has marketed for you or retweeted and liked your tweets during the week this is the time to give back and help them out.

In other words, it is the time to highlight the most valued members that have helped you share your tweets with a wider audience.

Engage With Interest

Twitter is about engagement and not the number of followers you have. It is better to have 100 followers that regularly retweet, like, and read your blog, instead of 56K people that don’t even consider your offers.

One thing that is widespread on social media is liking and retweeting blog posts but the person never reads the blog post, or if they do click through they bounce off the site straight away.

This is not helpful, as what use is engagement without real interest?

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have obviously become influencers because they provide content of substantial value.

And they have a huge number of followers. But they don’t want to be hassled for a Retweet by Twitterers that have fewer followers. I have read that certain influencers don’t retweet when hassled to do so and will only retweet when it’s their time and decision to do so.

Retweeting an influencers content occasionally may help to get an influencer’s attention but just like everybody else you don’t want to be tagged and hassled.

A retweet from a twitter account with a small following still holds power as these twitter uses still have the power to make your tweet go viral.

Viral Marketing

Most people want a huge following instantly and to make the big money. But for only a few of us does this happen overnight.

For these overnight success stories, they have done something in a certain way to attract the attention of a large group of people. That is they have either provided content that is extremely valued or they have amused people.

Think crazy cat videos or the babies that interrupted a political interview last year. People who are either surprised or amused at what they see on social media, are likely to like, retweet or repost it, which will eventually lead to it going viral and getting huge amounts of shares.

This is not to say that blog posts that get hundreds or even thousands of shares haven’t gone viral. One Twitter user account that often goes viral is President Trump’s. His tweets get tens of thousands of shares and likes.

These ideas on how to build an audience on Twitter are not new but I have drawn attention to them based on my own experience. For example, I would like to see ad swaps used more often on Twitter.

I have experienced them myself but then the person doing it, strangely enough, didn’t follow me back. FollowFriday is something that is popular amongst Twitter followers and is especially popular in the US.

People that aren’t really interested in the content they read on Twitter in my view need to take a break from it as it is disappointing that they don’t show genuine interest.

Influencer marketing helps newer Twitter users but as I stated before having 100 engaged followers is better than 56K followers that don’t engage with your content at all.

But then this is a blog post based on my opinions and my experience on the platform.