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If this Hostgator Website Builder Review was reviewing a drag and drop website builder from 10 years ago it would be focusing on a much more primative product.

Website builders have come a long way in recent years. I remember using one 10 or more years ago, and the functionality was very limited.

The only options available were creating a heading, adding a limited library of images, adding some text and some links.

What Is Hostgator’s Website Builder?

Hostgator’s Website Builder gives you the ability to build a professional website without needing any training in knowing how to navigate Content Management Systems (CMSs) like WordPress.

WordPress is one of the more user-friendly CMSs but for newbies to the website building world, you can experience information overload.

Some things that confuse people are posting images and why they slow the website down, WordPress themes – selecting a WordPress theme and managing it, menus – setting up menus and adding them to your blog, and setting up the homepage.

Is Hostgator’s Website Builder Good or Bad?

The Hostgator Website Builder eliminates all these issues with a drag and drop website builder making creating a website as easy as using a basic computer program.

Professional fully functional websites can be built in minutes not days.

Whether your website is a blog or an ecommerce store you have the same functionality as a WordPress store, with one exception, less moving parts.


  • Have your ecommerce site set up in a few days. A similar site on WordPress’s Woo Commerce could take a year to create as there are more moving parts to manage on both the Front end and the back end.
  • Access Hostgator’s image libraries to help you build your blog without the need to purchase expensive stock images or having to search free stock image libraries that are prone to be limited in choice.
  • With most websites you need some type of analytics program to measure your website’s performance, whether it be website visits, clicks or sales. WordPress users can either connect directly to Google’s free analytics tool or use a plugin to access this data but it takes some work to set this up. With the website builder this is intergrated into the package with minimal work for you to do.
  • An important part of marketing for website owners is social media marketing. With all of the packages you have the option to connect your favorite social media platforms and track data related to these platforms.
  • The standard website plans range from $3.84/mo (Starter Plan) to $5.99/mo (Premium Plan) and you get free Cloud web hosting, access to the drag and drop builder, an included domain name, access to a library of customizable templates, access to website statistics, and marketing ad credits. The only difference between these two plans is that the Premium plan members have access to priority support.
  • The E-commerce plan differs from the above plans in that it provides functionality for e-commerce. You get everything that member’s of the Premium plan have access to, but the price for this plan starts at $9.22.


  • The problem with Hostgator’s drag and drop website builder is what has always plagued drag and drop builders is that is limited with what you can do with it. As a newbie, there is an understanding you want a product that is simple to use and manage. The difference between this product and a WordPress site is that there are thousands of WordPress developers creating a huge range of themes and plugins to expand what WordPress is capable of, as well as the WordPress team frequently updating the platform itself.
  • The other problem is that as this platform is owned by Hostgator there are no hosting alternatives. Once you’ve built your website you can’t download a backup and set up your website with an alternative hosting company. Then once you have built your website over many months but need the extra features that WordPress offers you have to start building your website from scratch again. Front-end is an event that could take months or even a year.
  • But everyone has to start somewhere, and most people that have built websites have used a drag and drop builder at some stage. It’s a learning process. No one starts building an Amazon competition site from the word go.


As a website builder and if you are purchasing one of these plans you are most likely to be a website newbie.

That being said if you are not building an e-commerce store then it makes good sense to choose the Premium Plan with priority support if things do confuse you or you accidentally delete your website.

There is little difference in the price between the Starter Plan and the Premium Plan, and getting support when you need it (immediately) versus 48 hours later carries some weight.

They state you get an included domain and free hosting which means the major cost is the drag and drop website builder and the support team servicing the Premium Plan and E-commerce customers.

If you don’t want to spend weeks or even months learning how to use and navigate WordPress, and need to get a website published by the end of the day, it is recommended that you sign up for Hostgator’s Website Builder.

Choose to pay month to month. If it doesn’t work out you can upgrade to another hosting package (See my post on Hostgator Vs Go Daddy Hosting – Who’s The Best), or cancel your account and find a new web hosting provider.

This concludes my Hostgator Website Builder review, look out for my Godaddy Website Builder Review coming soon.

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