GoDaddy Website Builder Review – Automation Is The Word

This GoDaddy Website Builder Review is slightly different to my Hostgator Website Builder Review in that GoDaddy sells its product with photos instead of with illustrations as Hostgator does.

GoDaddy’s Website Builder seems to be targeting small business and shows them that it is easy to get a website up and running with their drag and drop website builder.

The websites don’t look that good but they must believe they are acceptable.

They are venturing into territory that Hostgator didn’t explore.

Which is to show the customer what they will be getting.

Depending on the site, the results are mixed.

Looking at the coffee website doesn’t make me want to subscribe but other landing pages on the page look acceptable.

GoDaddy has chosen to present their plans visually.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

But sometimes it’s the words that sell the product not images.

Although GoDaddy seems confident that their product is good enough to sell.

But their product seems to suffer from the same problem that plagued early drag and drop builders.

What you can do is limited

Is The GoDaddy Product Up To Standard?

GoDaddy’s product offer is visual and hopes to impress buyers with glossy images but the websites don’t look like they were built with a drag and drop website builder.

The online store looks professional but only one image is displayed.

They state that you can add and manage up to 5,000 products and accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.

With other e-commerce stores this requires some set up but this can obviously be set up easily.

You can add shipping options including the ability to offer free shipping.

And as with the GoDaddy site itself you have the ability to remind customers to pay for their items if they have abandoned their shopping cart.

As with other E-commerce stores you can add a blog to get traffic to your store using SEO.

If you run a consulting business where client appointments are your main source of revenue, you can connect an appointment calendar to your site which allows clients the ability to see your availability for consulting.

On offer is the option to add payment processing.

Setting up of your Facebook page is done automatically which is beneficial as this can be difficult with regard to choosing the right option for your business as well as filling in the right information.

The business plan updates your Facebook page and optimizes your site for Google automatically which are too tasks website newbies may find challenging.

Google My Business is a free business listing that many local businesses don’t take advantage of because they don’t know how, but this isn’t a problem for GoDaddy website builder customers as this is built into the package.

The range of website themes is not limited. There are 16,000 themes to build your website with, as well as access to a library of royalty-free images.

As part of the done-for-you package, GoDaddy creates emails with your content for your email marketing functions.

These are all tasks that many small business struggle with and pay for courses on these subjects.

Choose From 4 Plans

GoDaddy’s website builder packages are targeted at small business with 4 customer website choices.

The Personal Plan

The Personal Plan targets the individual who want to monetize their passion with a blog.

For $5.99/mo you get a Responsive Mobile Design.

This is important as many daily Internet browsers use mobile devices, and not having a mobile friendly website means fewer visitors.

Fast web hosting results in fast page loading speeds, which ensures Google doesn’t penalize you for having a slow loading site.

As well as 24/7 support you get a SSL certificate, and a blog.

The Business Plan

For $9.99/mo the Business Plan gets you everything the Personal Plan includes as well as SEO and a PayPal Now or donate button.

The Business Plus Plan

The Business Plus plan is $14.99/mo is aimed at consultants, included in the Business Plan is email marketing, Google My Business, Social Media Integration, and content sharing on Facebook.

With the online appointment feature you can accept credit cards via Square and PayPal, have 2-way calendar syncing with Google, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook, and client management tools.

Online Store Plan

The Online Store is $29.99 per month and you get all the features of the Business Plus Plan, with a full featured online store with fast checkout, to be able to accept all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay and PayPal, the ability to manage products, inventory and orders, the ability to configure shipping and taxes, be able to use discount codes, allow customers the option to post product reviews and ratings, and issue abandoned cart reminders.


The fact that GoDaddy has automated many of the challenging aspects of building a web presence means that the team has brainstormed what new website owner finds the most challenging when setting up a website.

When setting up a web presence you need to learn more than one platform. Most businesses with a web presence are connected to social media and want to rank in Google.

GoDaddy has made this easy for small businesses to connect with their social media pages and update their profiles.

What is difficult has been automated.

This includes creating a Facebook page and a Google My Business entry.

Not only can you create a Facebook page automatically, updating it is also automated.

Google now penalizes sites for not having a fast mobile friendly site by not including them in the rankings.

With most people using mobile devices to access the internet not having a mobile site is a bad idea.

Setting up payment systems is built into GoDaddy’s Website Builder meaning that it is one less job to do.

Setting up payment processing is not complicated but does take some time to set up. But this is built in.

For those with consulting businesses getting set up and syncing your 2 way calendar with Google, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple iCal makes this business arrangement easy to get started with.

What GoDaddy has done with their Website Builder is looked at what small business owners need to run a business and built in all those features into the system and automated them where possible making getting started in business on the web as simple as possible.


The problem with this system is you are stuck with the system.

A layman can’t customise the site.

It is not like WordPress where you can download plugins to manipulate and customize your website.

You have less choices.

But as a newbie this is a good thing as more moving parts makes everything more complicated and there is more to learn how to create the site.

But GoDaddy’s website builder does require learning how their system works.

It is not as complex as WordPress’s Woo Commerce but if you are building an online store there are still many things to consider.

This includes product images, product descriptions, pricing, shipping, discount codes, promotions, and dealing with the backend of the website.

It is a bit more straightforward if you are creating a personal blog or appointment-based business, but knowing how to navigate the site, posting articles and images, ensuring that your images are saved for the web, and adding your logo.

The point is if you are not learning how to use WordPress, you still need to learn how to use GoDaddy’s Website Builder.

In Comparison To Hostgator’s Website Builder

Hostgator may have a good product but they have neglected to sell its features to prospects.

Read my Hostgator Website Builder Review.

They go into minimal detail of the product and show a few illustrations related to the product.

GoDaddy visually illustrates what customers will get when they sign up to their Website builder.

Their product fills a gap in the market more so than Hostgator.

The obvious problem is that the market needs a drag and drop website builder.

But as GoDaddy has stated is that many of the time consuming and hard to navigate systems have been automated.

Meaning that the only thing you need to learn how to use is the website builder.

My Recommendation

This GoDaddy Builder Website Review is not biased as I will not earn any affiliate commissions for referring prospects to the website builder.

My goal is to help readers find the best solution to their website building problems.

As GoDaddy’s product is a product that automates many of the tricky web building tasks, it is recommended that you choose GoDaddy.

If you are setting up an e-commerce store, GoDaddy is the obvious choice.

Compare it with other solutions like WordPress’s Woo Commerce or Shopify and some tasks may be automated but these solutions are not targeted toward small business owners who find technology challenging.

With other options a store could take months or even a year to build, with GoDaddy the same site could take weeks to build with all side operations completed.