Get More Engagement On Twitter – Speak To A Larger Audience

Twitter users when getting started on Twitter have two goals, get more followers on Twitter, and to get more engagement on Twitter.

Not having a huge following isn’t a major problem.

I have one account with 7,500+ followers and another account with 2,500+ followers.

You wouldn’t believe it but the account with 2,500 followers gets more impressions than the account with 7,500 followers.

180K vs 285K.

I believe it’s all related to strategy.

The 7,500 account is a personal account and the 2,500 account is a branded account.

From what I have read, people prefer to interact with brands and not individuals unless they are public figures.

Use #hashtags to get more engagement

Use hashtags but make sure that Twitter users can find your link in amongst the hashtags.

Some Twitter users have become like 1998 bloggers.

They hashtag stuff.

They don’t use only 5 hashtags at a maximum.

They use as many hashtags that they can fit within their tweet.

Why Create Lists?

There are Twitter users that don’t follow anyone.

What they are doing is creating lists and following #hashtags to find the best content to interact with and retweet.

They don’t want to be limited by what the people that they might be following publish.

How Lists Can Help You Get More Engagement On Twitter

When you add people to a list they receive a notification that you have added them to a list.

This will get their attention to look at your profile, to decide whether they want to follow you and engage with your content.

Like Tweets To Notify Twitterers That You Exist

Many Twitter users retweet others to notify them of their presence.

This works for the most part. But the downside is it annoys the followers you already have with untargeted tweets from users you want to engage with.

The solution to this is to like tweets.

Likes rarely show up on users’ newsfeeds.

It has three purposes.

Liking shows you have read their content, and you exist.

And to look at their content to see if you are interested in following them.

How To Find Content To Like

Many people would start with their newsfeed, but if your following is not targeted, this may not be a good idea.

To build a targeted following, search for #yourInterestArea.

Then click on ‘latest’ to find the latest tweets to like.

Build The Relationship With Them By Tweeting To Them

It is better to tweet to them rather than DMing them as DMs are general thought of as spammy promotional messages on Twitter and often don’t get read.

Tweet to your prospect and notify them that you will retweet them where possible.

This will build the relationship to the point they will look at your content and consider retweeting you if they can find some content in your newsfeed that would work with their profile.

Pin Popular Content To The Top Of Your Newsfeed

If you are creating your own content, it may be the case that one of your tweets has received more impressions (See my article about Twitter Analytics), likes, mentions, and retweets than any of your other content.

Having a blog set up (See my article on setting up a blog), gives you more opportunities to market to targeted traffic.

Having a blog set up (See my article on setting up a blog), gives you more opportunities to market to targeted traffic.

The traffic is targeted because they have shown an interest in you content and have clicked through to your blog.

Once you have them on your blog, they are in your funnel.

You can direct them to whatever call to action (see my article, ‘The Importance of having a call to action), or offer you choose.

Selecting this popular content means two things.

One if it has proved popular with some people it is likely that it will be popular with others.

And two, it provides social proof that your content is perceived as good content.

Follow More People On Twitter

Twitter is a reciprocal platform.

The culture is that if you follow someone they will consider following you back if your content fits the type of content that they want to read.

Getting More Engagement On Twitter Leads To What You Really Want

Some people want more people to engage with their content more.

Others want more followers because to them this means they will have a bigger audience to tweet to.

Others want both.

But often a like will get a like back, or a retweet and not a follow, unless your content makes them want to follow you.

Most often they will not follow you.

It is easy to get caught up in the world of social media, where you want Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, and follows.

But what people finally want is revenue or actions that create revenue.

To get more engagement on Twitter, and engagement that leads to revenue, you have to deliver one thing.

That is good content.

Content that gives readers the information that they are looking for.