Earn Easy Commissions – The Second Review


The Earn Easy Commissions program is evolving all the time. Chuck and his team are making it easier for new members to get started and start earning commissions soon after joining.

With these new opportunities come higher commissions. But you must be committed. Prior to the new changes where qualified referrals were paid $1 per referral, the referral didn’t have to do anything.

The result was that people joining the program weren’t researching the program before deciding whether Earn Easy Commissions was a program that they wanted to invest in.

Why You Need To Invest In Yourself

To get the best results from Earn Easy Commissions you need to invest in yourself and the program. You need to invest time in traffic and promoting the program, and getting involved with what is happening with the program.

New developments are that new members need to create an account, use it, and create a ClickMagick tracking account to track their traffic and create a Get Response Autoresponder account.

This is not immediate you will have some time to find out about the program first. But to make money online and considerable money you need to be committed and be an action taker.

The Importance Of Building An Email List

You might think that you don’t need to create a ClickMagick or Get Response account because all you want to do is earn a few hundred dollars a week.

But the Earn Easy Commissions program is structured in a way to help you earn commissions. One of these ways is to get you to build yourself an asset that will pay you for years to come.

That asset is to build an email list. Properly nurtured and your subscribers will begin to trust you. But only if you develop a relationship with them that builds trust.

It isn’t enough to recommend products because they are selling. There are many products that sell but they are not all good products, although they could be working for some people.

Why Focus Is Important

If you are dabbling in several programs to see which one makes you the most commissions or gets you the most referrals, you will have no focus. Focusing on one target gets results.

To get results you need to be continually testing and tweaking. With that being said you need to be persistent.

Earn Easy Commissions offers its members the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income. This means that you can earn a decent income from Earn Easy Commissions if you refer enough people.

Like all successful people you need to put in the work first if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can’t enjoy the fruits without labor.

earn easy commissions

Get Free Affiliate Marketing Training

With Earn Easy Commissions, even as a free member, you get to experience a community. This is achieved through a Facebook mastermind group. As a new member, you can ask Chuck and his team what the best way is to get started.

And they will help you. But everything is set out in the videos. After learning how you can earn with the program and maximize your earnings you can enter the training portal.

Lessons In The Training Portal

The training portal sets out how to promote your link. As you progress through the training, you will hear Chuck repeat that the only job you have is to share your link.

But you need a strategy to share your link because posting a naked link on Twitter or Facebook will get you few to no results. People want information.

The training portal houses a number of videos that tell you how to use various traffic methods for the best results. As Brian Tracy says you follow a recipe and you get the result.

Why You Should Upgrade To Pro

Upgrading to Pro is a decision you won’t regret. There are a number of reasons. The first being that your earnings increase significantly. When a new member joins and sets up their account, instead of earning $2 per subscriber, you earn $5.

You also earn increased earnings when a member you have referred upgrades to Pro. But there’s more. If the referral’s that your referrals refer upgrade to Pro you earn second-tier commissions which give you even more ways to earn.

The Benefits Of Upgrading To Pro

The other benefit of becoming a Pro member is access to the Digital Elites Academy.

Within this program Chuck and his business partner Andy share a large range of internet marketing courses they have created on success mindset, earning platforms, and mastering traffic.

These are separate courses with some courses containing as many as 50 training videos. For each of these courses, you could easily pay $200-$400 or even pay $50-$100 per month to access this portal.

But access is free as part of becoming an Earn Easy Commissions Pro member.

What You Get With The Pro Membership

Becoming a Pro member is moderately priced. You can either elect to pay the one time fee of $200 or pay your membership off through a payment plan.

The Earn Easy Commissions program is not only a learning experience, but it is also a six-figure business that is done for you.

You don’t need to create a lead capture page that converts, you don’t need to pay to host the lead capture page, you don’t need to worry about sending to much traffic to the lead capture page, you don’t need to write any emails to get your email list started, and you don’t need to close sales.

And you don’t need to register a business name or company, nor do you need a PayPal merchant account.

earn easy commissions

The Problem With Cheap Traffic

Your Earn Easy Commissions business is a business that is making you money while you sleep. Trading time for money is a limited way to earn money, and climbing the corporate ladder can take decades and you will find yourself working longer and longer hours.

This is not to say that to earn online happens overnight. But what I have found is, cheap traffic, penny clicks, mostly lead nowhere.

What is needed is to send quality traffic, people that are interested in building an online business.

Why You Need To Spend More On Traffic

Acquiring a customer might cost money but the customer that is focused on the program is worth it.

Worrying about paying a dollar a click vs getting $0.001 can make you think that the traffic is the same but I have bought the cheap traffic and they spend more time trying to hack the site than even considering the offer.

The cheap traffic is best used for Alexa ranking and if it’s Google Adsense safe to use it for Google Adsense.

Best Traffic Source To Get Subscribers

The traffic I have had the best results with is Solo Ads. The benefit of solo ads is that they are on an email list and are open to new offers. You are not paying for ad views, you are paying per click.

It may have a high price tag depending on where you buy your traffic but it is targeted traffic. I would recommend against buying solo ads from Facebook.

Facebook solo ads are cheaper but the likelihood of getting good traffic or sales is not on the cards.

Purchasing from reputable sites where clicks are tracked, where bots aren’t accepted, and sellers have to perform with quality traffic.

The Problem With Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

Many people believe in safelists and traffic exchanges. Unfortunately, people who are a member of these sites are only members because they want to sell you their offer.

Some people are interested in finding a new offer. But out of a list of 80,000 subscribers, you will be lucky if you get one subscriber. The next thing to think about is are they going to commit to the program and work.

You Don’t Need To Do Much To Start Earning With Earn Easy Commissions

There are many make money online programs and courses offered on the internet. Some will teach you how to set up your email list, but you could find yourself going from course to course looking for the information they have neglected to tell you.

There is very little you need to learn to get started with Earn Easy Commissions. You don’t need to join a landing page creator site and wing it with some copywriting hoping that your lead capture page will convert.

With Earn Easy Commissions, the lead capture page has been tested to convert and there is no need to be an expert copywriter as Chuck and his team has already taken care of this for you.

When you sign up to Pro, you get 100 emails that are professionally written. You don’t need to think of how you will welcome your new subscribers to your list.

This has already been done for you. All you need to do is offer your list value and build a good relationship with them. And once you become a Pro member and access the Digital Elites Academy there is a course on this.

Benefits of Joining ClickMagick and Get Response

Joining ClickMagick and Get Response has benefits too. ClickMagick now has an added feature that you can add a pop up lead capture page to any page that you post a link to, as well as adding a subscriber bar to any page you link to, plus many other benefits when you sign up for an account.

Get Response’s benefits include being able to email your subscribers at the same time they signed up, access to a library of modern landing pages, and the ability to see the subscription fee in your country’s currency.

Note, ClickMagick and Get Response only accept credit card payments.


Earn Easy Commissions is a well thought out program, with Chuck and his team reviewing and tweaking the program all the time for the program to be attractive for new and subscribed members.

There are many make money online programs on the internet but many of them require an upfront payment one-time or monthly.

They don’t offer multiple streams of income, residual income, or second tier payments.

Some of these programs are pyramid schemes that use matrix systems where you don’t earn any money until you get your third subscriber.

This results in a high failure rate as to many this is not favorable.

earn easy commissions

With Earn Easy Commissions you earn from all subscribers that set up a money system, and you are paid at the level you are at, with no matrix system.

Chuck and his team have spent considerable time on developing the Pro membership for new subscribers to give them a favorable deal.

Get started with Earn Easy Commissions now.

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