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Earn Easy Commissions

The Easy Way To Earn Commissions

The problem with getting started with affiliate marketing or making money online is there are many moving parts. Whether you decide not to blog and go the lead capture page route there are still many obstacles.

The lead capture page needs to convert. It needs to communicate your offer and get a positive response. Not everyone can write copy. Hiring a copywriter is costly.

But Earn Easy Commissions has solved these problems with a system that pays you to build your list.

There are other obstacles that I will discuss in this Earn Easy Commissions review and I will explain how Earn Easy Commissions is the solution to these problems.

Hosting Your Lead Capture Page

Another problem with doing it yourself is that you need substantial hosting for your lead capture page. There are many options available but these services charge a monthly fee.

Earn Easy Commissions host their lead capture pages on the Click Funnels platform. The cost is $90 + USD per month. But EEC (Earn Easy Commissions) members host their EEC lead capture page on Click Funnels for free.

If you choose to host it on low-cost hosting and you send large amounts of traffic, you will get an error message. This is because your hosting will have run out of data or bandwidth.

Lead Capture Page Design

Designing the lead capture page to attract subscribers should be considered. Many of the lead capture page generator programs provide graphics.

But your lead capture page could end up looking the same as thousands of others.

Earning With Earn Easy Commissions

For the newbies that aren’t knowledgeable about affiliate marketing and email marketing, Earn Easy Commissions is the best option for many reasons.

One is that you can get started making money online and build your email list for free. For every subscriber that you refer from US, UK, CA, NZ, or AU you get paid $1. With the right traffic source, this can be profitable.

Upgrade Your Account and Increase Your Earnings

After upgrading your account to Pro, for every Pro member you refer you can earn $100. But there are more benefits than earning from the EEC system.

For a small fee, you get the lead capture page we previously discussed, 100 pre-written emails with extra affiliate offers, and the opportunity to earn commissions when anyone joins ClickMagick (tracking service) and Get Response (email autoresponder).

The EEC team will upload the 100 pre-written emails into your email autoresponder (Aweber or Get Response). If you choose to you can track your traffic and conversions (subscribe00s) using a tracking service called ClickMagick.

Again the EEC team will set up your link to work with your lead capture page to track clicks and conversions.

You can upgrade to VIP partner and earn substantially more than if you are Pro Member. For every free member, you refer you earn $1. For every Pro member, you refer you receive $100.

But if you refer a VIP Partner you earn $1000. If your referrals refer a VIP Partner you earn a 20% commission ($400) of the purchase price. If they refer a Pro Member you receive 20% of the Pro member price.

Building An Email List To Earn More

Remember if you are a Pro member or VIP Partner, you will have built an email list. This is valuable. You can send your email list affiliate offers and earn when they buy from you.

Earn Easy Commissions has made it easy to build an email list and you have been given the opportunity to earn commissions while you build your email list.

Get Started with Earn Easy Commissions Now.

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