Copy Paste Income Review

Overall Ranking: 10/10
Price: $37
Owners: Ewen Chia
Website: Copy Paste Income


Copy Paste Income is an affiliate product that helps the user create mini viral eBooks that they can make publicly available to download whilst including affiliate links to promoted products.



Cheap entry price
No website needed to become an affiliate marketer
No technical experience required
Can be applied to any affiliate program
Can be applied to any niche


This product is suitable for those wanting to get started in affiliate marketing that either don’t have the funds or the time to set up a website.

Experienced affiliate marketers also make use of viral ebook marketing to drive traffic to their websites and sell more affiliate products.


Copy Paste Income shows you how to find a suitable niche to promote, how to find popular keywords, how to construct a viral ebook, and how to promote your viral ebook.

There are several upsells that consist of affiliate marketing and conversion. You are also given the chance to earn an affiliate commission by sharing several of Ewen Chia’s viral mini ebooks, which are well written and highly sought after.


You can get support by emailing a support email, although this product offers step-by-step instructions and isn’t the type of product that requires the user to seek assistance.


Starts at $37 for the basic product with a number of upsells


Copy Paste Income offers the opportunity for new affiliate marketers the chance to experience affiliate marketing without much expense and with a simple step-by-step method.

Experienced marketers can use this method to drive more traffic to their website in whatever niche they are targeting.

What I Like About Copy Paste Income

Copy Paste Income’s instructions are easy to follow and you can target a number of niches at the same time and track your interest using the affiliate programs analytics.

Copy Paste Income offers the same opportunity that other affiliate marketers have whether you have a website or not.

The difference is you have more flexibility. That been said as with affiliate marketing you need to work at it to make money.

First impressions and professional looking ebooks are what get people to read your ebook and trust you and finally buy from you.

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