College Students: You Need To Pay Off Your Student Loan

College degrees are well respected in western society but the only problem is that nearly every applicant that applies for the job you want has one.

There are many variables for employers to consider when hiring new workers. Academic performance isn’t the only thing being considered.

They want employees that will be a good fit for their organization. And if you spend months applying for jobs and getting knock back after knock back it can be depressing.

Then you start to lower your standards and you begin to apply for unskilled labor jobs.

But you didn’t fork out all that money for a college degree to earn $8 per hour flipping burgers.

Your plan was to secure a high paying corporate job. Or maybe you got the high paying corporate position but the work kept piling up.

You were spending hours on tasks that you didn’t want to do. Keeping you stuck in your lonely cubicle with only 30 minutes for lunch and virtually no time to socialize. There has to be more to life than this.

You need to pay off your student loan but you don’t want to live for the weekends. You want freedom.

College life was good. You partied. Were members of clubs, and you got to meet people. Working a corporate job caps your income relative to your job description.

No matter what job you are employed to do you are still exchanging your time for money.

To begin with you work 40 hours per week. As you move up the corporate ladder and assume more responsibility you earn more but you also work longer hours.

You are stuck exchanging your time for money. Your earnings are capped.

What if you could earn money 24 hours a day? Not exchange your time for money? Earn money while you sleep and have unlimited earnings?

Have the freedom to do what you want when you want? This is what the Internet lifestyle offers. You would still need to work to earn money.

But if you wanted to go to the gym at 11 am you would be able to do that and not be locked in the office until 5 pm.

The Internet lifestyle offers freedom but it is important to work at it part-time until you can draw a decent wage from it.

The problem with many Internet business people is that they dream of making the big money without having a permanent strategy to bring in money on a regular basis.

There are many courses being offered but you are not guaranteed to earn a wage with them.

There are plenty of e-commerce gurus that report that they are earning $100,000s from dropshipping. But what they don’t tell you is that not all that money are earnings.

They don’t tell you how much they spend on Facebook advertising. The years they spent perfecting their ad campaigns and all the money that went down the drain.

Other courses tell you to create your own product but they omit some details of the base product which means you either know how to fill in the gaps or you buy the next high ticket product.

But what if after buying the high ticket product they omit more details and tell you to buy another high ticket product.

Educational courses don’t guarantee that you will earn an online income. They can show you how to blog, how to set up a website, but they won’t tell you everything you need to know.

They do this to leave a gap for them to sell you more courses.

What is in demand now is programs that set up the website for you, with done for you email marketing. These programs give you the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income.

Having done for you email marketing gives you the introduction to email marketing.

This helps you build an online asset that becomes your personal ATM. But it only works if you build the right amount of trust with your email list.

When you have more than an email list of subscribers, multiple streams of income ensures that you have the opportunity to earn a decent income.

It takes time to build a business with these assets. Going to college you had to study for years to become a graduate, and building a business requires the right knowledge and structure.

One program that is providing this structure is Earn Easy Commissions. Earn Easy Commissions (EEC) builds your business for you. When you join a traffic tracking program and autoresponder, EEC will link your traffic tracker and autoresponder to a lead capture page (email form) giving you the resources to build an email list.

Not only will they set your business up for you but they will load your autoresponder with 100 professionally written emails that promote various affiliate programs. The promotional links in these emails are tracked by EEC.

The multiple streams of income are built when you join listed programs and your subscribers join these programs.

These programs have been carefully chosen to earn commissions and are valuable programs that offer good educational content.

While it’s good to focus on initially promoting EEC, multiple streams of income is the way to earn a high income online.

One of the ways to ensure that you earn high commissions with EEC is to upgrade your account to Pro.

Besides earning more than double the commissions of a free member, you also get access to EEC Digital Elites Academy.

Digital Elites Academy gives Pro members access to a huge range of internet marketing courses created by Chuck and his business partner Andy.

These courses could easily sell for $300-$400 per course or they could offer them on a subscription basis. But they are complimentary with the one-time fee of purchasing the Pro membership.

These are not useless courses filled with fluff. They cover topics from successful mindset, traffic strategies, list building communication, and ways to earn more income.

Earn Easy Commissions is a 6 figure business strategy without the need to register a business name, create a PayPal merchant account, to create products and market them.

As Chuck says your only job is to share your link and they teach you how to do this as free member, and then with more advanced strategies as a Pro member.

Earn Easy Commissions gives college students a route to pay off their student loan quickly and to earn unlimited income that isn’t capped according to the amount of time you can exchange for dollars.

Watch the introductory video before signing up to see if this opportunity is for you.

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