Affilorama Review of All Programs

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Overall Ranking: 8/10

Free Affilorama – Free
Pathway to Passive eBook – $37
Affilorama Blueprint – one-time payment – $197
Affilo Jetpack – one-time payment – $997
Affilo Tools – Free to $97 plans

Owners: Mark Ling

Read this Affilorama review of all the Affilorama programs to help you get an understanding of what Affilorama has to offer you.

These programs give you a good introduction to researching, building an affiliate marketing website, and getting started with earning from your new business.

Free Affilorama

Affilorama is the best program to get started with affiliate marketing and to decide whether you want to get involved with affiliate marketing and learn more.

This introductory series offers 20 videos and is a good start before you decide whether you want to set up a website and learn what’s required to make some money.

Affilorama review

Affilorama Blueprint 3.0

Affilorama Blueprint, in review, is an online affiliate marketing course with 90+ informative step-by-step videos that aims to teach students the necessary steps to build an affiliate marketing website.

Affilorama review

Affilorama is an Internet marketing website but you do not have to build an Internet marketing website. You can build a website in whatever area of interest you like (niche).

With this package, you also get web space to host one website with WordPress. Included with this website package is a WordPress theme that Affilorama produced called Affilo Theme.

It is an extremely useful theme that gives you the option to create a header with fonts and graphics of your choice. Being a WordPress theme it allows you to create a structure/theme for your website to give it a professional appearance.


AffiloJetpack is for a Free Affilorama subscriber or an AffiloBlueprint subscriber that wants some extra help to get ahead.

In my opinion, this is a good choice, because say you have set up your dog training niche website and you are getting a good amount of traffic.

affiliorama review

You may decide you want to communicate with this traffic and refer them to products that would help them with solutions to problems they may have.

This is what is called email marketing, and AffiloJetpack provides buyers with access to researched keywords, assessments of the niche, and an affiliate marketing newsletter series that can be sent out to your subscribers.

If you are a new affiliate marketer this is a helpful stepping stone as learning copywriting and email marketing takes some time to master and with all the other tasks you have to attend to with your site.

By not taking this option, your start will be slow and the possibility of converting subscribers to buyers may be slow or non-existent.

Selecting this package, Affilorama will upload the email marketing newsletters to an email marketing company called Fluttermail.

This is helpful as uploading emails to an email marketing company is a very time-consuming task and can take half a day to complete.

Affilo Theme

Affilo Theme is an extremely useful theme produced by Affilorama that assists people that aren’t computer savvy to create headers with a choice of fonts and graphics, and an overall professional look to their website.

affilorama review

With WordPress and Affilo Theme no knowledge of coding is required, it’s just a matter of choosing what option you want and pointing and clicking, to create a professional website.

Affilo Tools

Reviewing Affilorama Affilo Tools, it gives you the option to control your affiliate marketing world from Affilo Tools.

You can check your Clickbank earnings, watch what keywords your competitors are using, view your social media status, your search ranking, and build better backlinks. And your first month is free.

There are several pricing plans ranging from Basic which is free and you can monitor 1 website, allowing you to search for 10 keywords.

The scale increases from Bronze to Gold, with Gold allowing you to monitor 10 websites and search 100 keywords per website. Pricing starts at free, Bronze – $17 per month, Silver – $47 per month, and $97 per month for Gold.


Affilorama Free


It’s free
A good introduction to affiliate marketing
See what affiliate marketing is about
Private members forum


Very limited in the information provided
Not meant to go into detail of how to make money
Make short work of the information quickly and need more information



90 step-by-step Detailed and informative videos
Hosting for 1 website
Lifetime access
Private members forum


Have to pay
Not done for you
Takes time to learn

Affilo Theme


Easy to use
Create a professional website
Produced by Affilorama can get support


Does have some limitations

Affilorama Premium


100 + step-by-step detailed and informative videos
Private members forum
Free members tools
Product creation training
Affiliate Blog Bootcamp training
Free hosting for 15 websites
30 high-quality PLR articles


Have to pay
Only 30 PLR articles only a start

Affilo Tools


A useful alternative to other keyword tools
Free to start
The dashboard shows the status of the website
Can spy on your competition and steal their keywords
options not included with some other keyword tools


Have to pay
When using it as a free keyword tool can be limited



Fast track your progress
Newsletters are done for you
Research is done for you
Niche difficulty analyzed for you
Easy to get started


Products targeted in newsletters may not promote the products you want
Not learning the original process it takes to set up a business because your progress is fast-tracked
Large Cost


All Affilorama products offer a good level of support that can be accessed with a few separate options.

The first is you can search the private members’ forum to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

Staff moderate the member’s forum and answer many of the questions posted.

The other option is, if your question is urgent, you can message Affilorama staff by taking out a support ticket to get urgent assistance.

My experience is that you can expect to wait up to 24 hours for an answer.


Free Affilorama – Free
Pathway To Passive eBook – $37
AffiloBlueprint – One time payment – $197
Affilo Jetpack – one-time payment – $997
Affilo Theme – one-time payment – $97
Affilo Tools – monthly payment – Ranging from Free to $97


In conclusion of this Affilorama review, there are many affiliate training options available, but it all depends on what you want and which direction you want to go.

Some affiliate programs are cheaper, or appear to be cheaper but may steer you towards network marketing and MLM which in my opinion, depending on the program, offers very little useful information, except to make money by selling the same dream of eternal beach holidays and fast cars.

This seems empty to me. I think that if you choose an area of interest you are interested in and would like to study in more depth and help people instead of deceiving them, I think this is more satisfying.

With Free Affilorama you can make the decision whether affiliate marketing is for you and if you want to get serious about affiliate marketing then it would be advisable to get lifetime access to AffiloBlueprint, and as you get lifetime access and don’t have to keep paying you can take your learning at your own pace.

And once you have the website in place the next step would be AffiloJetpack to begin your email marketing journey.

What’s good about Affilorama

The videos are informative and offer you step-by-step instructions to be on your way.

And the private member’s forum allows you to take part in a community of like-minded people.

As I have already stated having a good plan to make money with AffiloBlueprint is a good foundation and then having AffiloJetpack to help further monetize your website is a good investment that you can use and reuse as you get lifetime access.

Affilo Tools is a good package but if you are not making any money it isn’t any good pouring money into something that can be substituted with free options until you are making money.

One thing is that once you get over the fact that you are hit with a hefty fee for AffiloBlueprint and Affilo Jetpack you get lifetime access so you have free access to all the training and private member’s forum that you can refer back to again and again in your own time.

Other affiliate programs may cost less but they still slug you $50 or more month after month, and no matter how much you’ve paid out they never offer you lifetime access like Affilorama does.

What’s not that good about Affilorama

As everything is in US dollars the price point can leave a huge hole in your wallet. You’re probably looking at the Affilo Jetpack price and thinking $997, but this is lifetime access to 6 niches with email newsletters for each one.

And while you think no, this is a good investment that you can come back to even when you’re making good money and it’s time to move onto a new niche.

The Affilo Theme WordPress theme is limited. I remember when I wanted to pair Optimize Press with Affilorama web hosting and one of the Affilorama staff answered the question and said it wasn’t an option.

As a result, I would recommend that you sign up for a domain name and hosting with a web host such as Hostgator. Read my Hostgator review.

And get your own professional WordPress theme for $10-60 which is easy to navigate.

Logos and headers for non-computer savvy people can be created by Fiverr for $5 or slightly more.

Affilotheme is a good starting point (and if you’re overloaded with tech you don’t understand), it’s just the cost is a bit steep for what you get.

Affilo Tools charges are also a bit steep.

If you’re making good money having the best tools just assists you to make more money, but I think this should be covered in the AffiloBlueprint or Affilo Jetpack charges as these are expensive packages.

By reading this Affilorama Review you have the option to take advantage of a Special Discount Available for a limited time only: AffiloJetpack, not $997, visit the link to see the special discounted price.