Affiliate Marketing Resources – Fast Track Your Progress

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Today I will be sharing the affiliate marketing resources that I have found to be the most resourceful.

Many affiliate marketers prefer to sell you what sells and what’s popular.

The programs that I recommend are programs that have helped me progress and move forward with my affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate is a unique program who’s founders promote only one product, their program.

They don’t hold back information like many Internet gurus that are saving that opportunity to sell you the next product.

Wealthy Affiliate has two programs that you can choose from.

When you get started with Wealthy Affiliate you can elect to promote Wealthy Affiliate and enroll in their Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp (Phase 1 only) or you can become a Premium member and study more indepth affiliate marketing techniques, as well as all 7 phases of Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

I recommend this program as they have a great platform that encourages networking, and you could even organize some JVs.

It is one of the best learning platforms with thorough written instructions and videos.

Not only that, with the Premium Membership you get free Amazon hosting for 50 websites.

You can purchase domain names and reasonable prices, get access to thousands of WordPress themes, the keyword tool, Jaaxy, and a technical support team that will assist you with any website problems 24/7.

The community culture that Wealthy Affiliate has established means that members answer members questions.

The rewards are great, not only from knowing that you’ve made a new friend, but your rank in Wealthy Affiliate advances whenever you help someone or follow someone thus growing your network.

For a limited time you can get your first month of Premium for only $19.

Dual Squeeze – Build A Huge List Fast

An important piece of internet marketing is communicating with your customers.

The best way to do this is still through email marketing.

Building your email list to enable you to do this is important.

The problem with email marketing is that not all your subscribers will open every email you send.

To achieve more conversions the best solution to this is to build a bigger email list.

Some marketers spend thousands of dollars or more on advertising to build their email list as fast as they can.

But not every internet marketer has access to a huge budget.

The solution is, to use Dual Squeeze.

Dual Squeeze runs on a script that every time a marketer gets a subscriber their sponsor also gets that subscriber.

This enables Internet marketers to build their list at a faster rate than normal.

The best part is that you can get maximum use of the program for free.

There is an upgrade option to make money from some lucrative offers being made available to upgraded members.

Start fast tracking your list building free.

ClickMagick – Tracking That Increases Your Profits

As an Internet marketer you need to track your advertising.

One of the number one tools on the market to do this is ClickMagick.

Whether you have access to the code of your opt in form or you are advertising a commercial form it is still important to track your clicks.

If you don’t have access to conversion information you can still work out how many clicks it takes to achieve a conversion.

This can be done by using ClickMagick to track clicks for an advertising source, and use the notification you get from the affiliate program.

ClickMagick also has a link cloaking feature which allows you to send people to a cloaked link or a domain.

here are many more factors including exit pop ups and menu bars to help you build your list.

Start finding your most profitable advertising sources, now.

GetResponse – An Advanced Autoresponder

If you are building you list you will need an autoresponder to communicate with your customers.

The benefits of using GetResponse are huge.

They have many features that some of their competitors don’t.

This includes reasonable pricing , access to customizable landing pages and web forms, email marketing statistics that you can compare other newsletter results and more.

Get started with GetResponse for a less than the cost of lunch.

Udimi – The Solo Ad Network That Gets Results

Udimi is a solo ad network that connects solo ad sellers with buyers.

You can buy solo ads on other networks but they can’t match the services that Udimi provides.

If you buy solo ads independently you can use ClickMagick to track the clicks and verify whether the traffic is from a tier one country, but there are other factors that need to be taken into account.

Udimi screens the traffic and does not allow solo ad sellers that use bot traffic.

Again this is something that ClickMagick can also detect.

But if you don’t want to invest in ClickMagick, Udimi has this covered at no extra cost.

Solo ad seller’s list sizes are verified, and some are not verified.

But to select a good solo ad seller it is best to select a seller with a decent verified list size.

If you select a seller with only a few thousand subscribers, this will mean the seller is marketing to the same small list over and over.

Which will either mean that the list will become unresponsive to any offer or they will unsubscribe from whatever list they are subscribed to.

There are other stats provided including customer feedback reporting on number of clicks received, overdelivery(10% more clicks), and if the customer received sales.

Get started and buy traffic that gets results.

A Final Note

From time to time I will add to my affiliate marketing resources list. These are resources I use that help me get results and I have used many resources in the past that haven’t achieved the results I wanted.