About Dominic

Welcome to affiliatemarketingknowledge.com. Thanks for stopping to have a read of the content that I am sharing with you on recommended programs to help you make money the easy way without the steep learning curve.


I began my journey with affiliate market many years ago. But I was a young man and didn’t really understand how to make money online. Then I was presented with an in-depth program in 2010.

The lure of making a great deal of money lured me in. I wanted to get started earning as soon as possible. This was a huge mistake. But there was a program for that, but it didn’t tell me everything.

I wasn’t lucky enough to find someone that was willing to share what they had learned. The problem with people that promote programs in the make money online/affiliate marketing niche is that they want to sell. Not help.

The programs I am affiliated with in the make money online niche will help you learn some valuable lessons on your journey to make money online. I am here to help.

If you need any help, please fill out the contact form, and if it is a reasonable request, I will do what I can to help you.

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