19 Social Media Affiliate Marketing Tips – For More Engagement And Leads

Here are 19 of the best social media affiliate marketing tips for higher engagement and to get more leads:

1. Don’t share naked affiliate links on Social media

Facebook for one has outlawed using affiliate links on their platform, but in many cases it is unlikely that people would buy from a shared affiliate link.

But for a prospect to buy from you, there needs to be a certain amount of trust built.

The exception to this is that if the product is not a high ticket item then some people may decide to make a purchase and click through.

The thing I think about when I come across a good offer on the web is that I might not come across this offer again.

If it looks legit, I will click through and research it.

Most people will be willing to do this as long as the item’s price is below $50.

The only way to share cloaked affiliate links is with a redirected link or using link shortners.

This is true on most social media sites.

But using too many redirects can make the browser time out.

2. Link To A Lead Capture Page

Link to a lead capture page with copy that gets a reaction or with a lead magnet that shares value.

Most people are willing to share their email address if they are getting access to information that will be helpful to them.

Receiving and communicating through email marketing over time builds trust.

But you have to learn how to build that trust.

You can’t send promotional series after promotional email series.

People get sick of commercial emails. You have to share content and bonuses.

3. Share Quotes

Sharing quotes gets engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

This also builds trust.

Some people think that they have to share a link with every post.

But sharing links with every post doesn’t build trust.

If people are marketed to all the time they become numb and switch off.

If they like your content e.g quote, if they want to know more, they will read your profile.

4. Cut Down On Promotional Posts

It is acceptable on Facebook to post promotional posts as you are restricted as to how many posts you can post.

But on Twitter where you can post every 15 minutes, you need to cut down the ratio of promotional posts to quote/status update/articles to a reasonable ratio e.g 1:10.

5. Be On More Than One Platform

Every platform has a different culture, and people respond better to different posts better on some platforms than on other platforms.

Which means that you will have different followers on different platforms.

But it is good to give notice to your followers on one platform that you are on other platforms.

On Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube you can use your header to inform people of this.

6. Post Different Content On Different Platforms

With apps like IFTTT (If This Then That) that allows you to post the same content to several different platforms with one post, it can be tiresome for some of your followers following you on all platforms.

I distribute different content on different platforms where possible but in some cases it is good to advise followers of content on other platforms using different mediums.e.g You may inform your Instagram followers of a blog post and advise them to click your bio website link.

7. Share Your Follower’s Content

It might be your goal to get everyone reading your content but by sharing your follower’s content you will create a reciprocal action.

Share other people’s content and it is likely that they will share your content in return.

Content can go viral using this idea.

8. Create Valuable Content

If you want your content to go viral, you don’t want to disappoint, you have to create valuable content that will convert.

Valuable content can be something that gets people to laugh like a funny cat video, an informative blog post or video, or a helpful quote.

When you create valuable content people will be interested.

9. Don’t Buy Interest

There will be some people that say that showing social proof helps with conversions.

But it is a better ROI to have 20 real interested people than 20,000 people with no interest.

At one time you could use actions to follow 1,000 people with one click, but the problem is, even if that one thousand people follow you back, how many of these people will be genuinely be interested in your content?

10. Use Photos

Content with photos on most social media platforms get more engagement than those without.

People like visuals.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means that you need to choose the image that you associate with your content carefully.

First impressions are important.

11. Follow People Within Your Niche

Not everyone is your prospect.

If you are an artist, not everyone will want to buy your painting, just as if you’re an accountant, not everyone needs an accountant.

I am in the make money online niche, but strangely enough I get project managers and musicians following me.

For some reason, they think that I will need a project manager sometime in the future.

But my profile shows no indication of this.

You’re wasting energy if you think everyone on social media is your customer.

It is best to target people that indicate that they are interested in your niche.

12. Start Conversations and Network With Your Followers

Comment on your follower’s posts and share them.

Showing interest in your follower’s posts builds relationships with your followers.

But this has to be genuine interest.

Many marketers suggest that you should comment on someone’s post and show interest in their offer and then turn it around to sell them something in return.

I have tried this and it doesn’t work.

They wonder why I bothered to show an interest in their offer.

13. Post At Your Audience’s Optimal Time

If your audience is in the US there is no point posting at EST at 4 AM.

You need to search for optimal time for posting on social media.

Some social posting tools calculate this for you and will post your content at the best time.

CrowdFire does this.

14. Use #Hashtags

Your post may not contain the topics of the hashtags you add to your post.

If you want followers of certain hashtags to read your content then add relevant hashtags to your content.

15. Use Trending Hashtags

Use trending hashtags to your benefit.

Trending hashtags trend because this is what many people on the social media platform are searching for.

If you can relate these hashtags to your content or post then you can grow your audience that reads your posts.

16. Use Facebook Groups

When posting on Facebook you need to post where people congregate.

If you post in your profile, it is possible that no one will see your post.

But within a Facebook group everyone that is viewing that group’s post at the time will see it.

Some Facebook groups can have hundreds of thousands of members which means that if you post at the right time you can get more eyeballs on your post.

17. Share Videos

YouTube is the web’s largest video search engine, and Facebook, and IG (Instagram) TV are catching up.

Regularly sharing videos on these platforms will grow your following.

YouTube shows more people your videos as more interest grows in your content, growing the number of views your content gets.

18. Do Live Videos

The major video platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram all have structure in place for people to do live videos.

People have responded well to this feature.

People with huge social media followings like Grant Cardone, get big audiences tuning into his live videos and he attracts a constant stream of comments.

But members with smaller followings can often attract 50-100 viewers per video.

19. Make A Point Of Engaging With Your Followers

As a content producer you often get caught up in managing your account and end up not engaging with your followers.

If your followers decide that you are not a valuable follower to have it is likely they will unfollow you.

This does not mean that you need to like every post in the newsfeed but instead surf the feed as if you’re not a content producer and you have genuine interest in the content.

Thanks for reading my short list of social media affiliate marketing tips.

If I have missed any, please add them in the comments below and I will update the post accordingly.

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